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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    would this diet work 3-4 weeks before

    breakfast:lowfat yogurt, granola, fruit
    lunch:salad with lean protein such as chicken or turkey
    dinner:baked or steamed fish
    Firstly: Yes this will work.
    Secondly: Seriously I hate this culture with women being obsessed with shrinking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a size 6. It isn't even big. As you say you are doing it to fit into a dress, but seriously, why not buy a bigger dress in the first place?
    Thirdly: Exercise. Much better for you. And you will look toned rather than just skinny.
    Fourthly: Fuck it. Do whatever you like. I'm just saying.

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    My suggestion would be no fat, no sugar. The body doesn't have a choice.
    Exercise hard to signal your physiology to wake up and do what it is your workout requires. If you do two 1/2 hour workouts a day instead of one 1-hour workout, it's better because the body will respond by prepping itself for more random, on-demand workouts. And it will melt off fat quicker because the heart rate will get a double-kick start and the metabolism stays higher burning more fat that way.

    It's also about mental leverage. If you think about it as 'working on your body', you may find more mental power in that approach vs. thinking personally about it. That always helps me.

    It's just math.

    If you like, ask away with any questions and I'll do my best to help out.

    Have a great workout and know the pain is a signal telling you of your coming rewards ..improved health, feeling good, looking good, more confidence. Crush It!!!
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