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    Hmmm. I can only think of energy giving me an edge. I love eating but when i do nothing or little (in regards to exercise) my energy levels build to the point where i need to get exert that build up within me so i could be watching TV and i have to put on music and dance like a crazy woman for 40 mins or i need to get out and climb a steep hill or i need to move furniture in the house (did that on Saturday). I have been to my local leisure centre to find out what classes are taking place but i don't particularly enjoy planning, i'd rather my actions be spontaneous.
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    Determination is what has helped me get in shape and stay in shape in the past. Not that determination is some quasi-superhuman trait, but the determined do have an edge over the still-deciding.

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    The 'type' most willing to do intervals has an edge in fitness.

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