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Thread: Retin-A

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    I have retinA in my eyes
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I would like to use it for anti-aging and for some skin discoloration on my upper lip and around my nose that has gotten worse over the last few years. I still am not sure how you would make a pea sized drop spread around sufficiently without being concentrated in one area and non-existent in another. Would you mix it with a moisturizer and then apply? What kind of concentration should you start with?

    My doctor isn't likely to prescribe something like that just for cosmetic reasons. I know it is available through the internet, but don't want to get the wrong thing. There seems to be quite a price range too. Mostly my skin seems to be able to handle potentially irritating creams etc, so I would like to give it a try.

    What advice do you have for me?
    Yes, they recommend it as an anti-aging cream. My face was also very discolored, and the cream fixed that. It's really useful.
    I usually apply it right before bed, I started off with a bit every second or third night, then slowly moved it up to every night. No moisturizer, although some people use it because it makes applying it easier. I apply the moisturizer after I've washed my face the next morning. I used Jergens cooling effects. I LOVE that stuff, it is so light, but does such a great job. You have to keep your your skin moisturized.

    I think you can purchase them online, some take prescriptions, some don't( if you're shipping to Canada, they'll probably take prescription). You can even find them for 3-5$ a tube. And yes, they're real pharmacies. But just to make sure, do some research.
    My sister got me a ton from Dubai, they were 50cent a tube.

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    Would there be any reason not to go with Tarzorac? Does it come in the same kinds of concentrations as Retin-A? Thanks so much to you all for your experience and advice. This is something I'd really like to get dealt with.

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    I heard good things about Tarzorac. I can't personally share an opinion, but I'm sure there are members who can. Good luck!

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