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    Default Depression and Suicidal Tendencies

    Aside from psychologists or psychiatrists, how else can we help people who suffer when they don't want to talk about their feelings? Is there a way?

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    Manage the environment, try and minimise the risk by removing things liable to assist someone attempting suicide.

    Talk to them and listen, try to get them thinking about other things, gain a better picture of triggers to their depressive thoughts and feelings and then their behaviour, including suicidal tendencies, anticipate triggers and devise ways to co-regulate their emotional state, such as diversions or distractions, until they're prepared to identify themselves their feelings, link them to behaviour, link the behaviour to consequences and become better at emotional self-regulation.

    There's a lot you can do besides medicine. Physical fitness, sports, social activities, diet all have consequences in terms of positive or happiness inducing brain and body chemistry. Although if someone is suffering serious depressive illness and suicidal tendencies they could require a medical intervention, some depressive illness is actually symptomatic of other things, I doubt if anyone who isnt qualified could tell the difference between bi-polar disorder and diabetes.
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    Utter despair is a feeling that all fight and win against (at least in momentary belief), yet the suicidal do not. Finding out why would probably also isolate the source of a tendency towards suicide.

    After reading this article, in my mind it reinforces that the tendency towards suicide comes as someone loses the last of their belief, whatever that may be in. As whatever a person hopes for fades, so does their belief, and so does their reason to remain alive and somewhat sane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimsonhaze View Post
    Aside from psychologists or psychiatrists, how else can we help people who suffer when they don't want to talk about their feelings? Is there a way?
    Try to get them to talk about their feelings by making them feel safe, supported and valued?

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