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    Feel tired when they eat little to no sugar during the day? I'm looking to cut out sugar in my diet but its hard being too tired and sluggish. Some suggestions might help.

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    It is a bit of an addiction Jix. Once you have cut it out and get over the cold turkey phase it gets better. Your body will adjust after a few days and get used to not relying on sugar fixes. I try and stay off sugar and carbs as much as possible. If you have some form of protein every 3-4 hours it keeps energy levels much more level throughout the day.
    It definitely makes me feel better. I know if I fall off the wagon and have sugar and carbs, then i just end up feeling tired and sluggish when i come down..... argh. maybe i am just getting boring in my old age....

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    I notice that if I eat refined sugars, I'll get a temporary sugar high but then my blood sugar will dip really low and I'll get insane hunger pangs. So I end up eating more than I need as a result. I do not have this effect with complex carbohydrates and whole grains. Those make me feel satiated for much longer periods of time and boost my energy just as effectively.
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    I was tired and sluggish maybe the first few days of cutting out almost all sugar (I still have it in my coffee and tea) and limiting my carbs. It helped to increase the amount of certain fats and still eat a limited amount of carbs like rice, white or sweet potatoes and increase the amount of protein.

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