One of my uncles suffered a spinal cord injury last week. He has lost feeling from the shoulders down. The surgeons removed the disintegrated rod that had been surgically installed 5+ years ago (and that they believe is the culprit), cleaned up the debris, and replaced it with a new one. When he woke up, he still could not move. They performed electric shocks to see if they could stimulate his muscles/nerves/limbs, but no improvement. They fear it is permanent. According to them, the previous surgery held a 2% risk of this result and he drew the unlucky number. Now what to do...?

My uncle is a single, childless, uninsured, Mexican male in his early 40s living in southeast Michigan (lest this information prove useful to any demographic-specific charities or programs) who more than likely suffers from some preexisting mental illness. (He is not a military veteran.) I can provide more details on his stats if it will be relevant.

My goal is to locate any/all useful resources for him. His well-being is now a responsibility my family is committed to sharing. My eldest aunt (who is directly involved with his care and one of the few relatives he'll speak to) has asked me to help her find any available resources for him. We need information for: government and medical assistance programs, legail aid, assisted living programs, therapeutic/rehabilitative programs, related charities, counseling services, or medical specialist referrals.

If you have any ideas or suggestions or personal experiences that may prove helpful to me, please feel free to share. Your assistance is and will be deeply appreciated.