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    Default Feeling Warmer when it's Colder?

    I'm looking for the name of this phenomenon... in this certain range of temperature between about 44 and 57 degrees I seem to feel way colder than everyone else. But once it gets colder than that, about 33-43 degrees, it feels much less unpleasant, with the same amount of jackets and everything. It's almost like the extra coldness is insulating my body more.

    Anyone know or experience what I am talking about?

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    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    They make vests that take advantage of this fact for cooling you down in the summer... "phase change material" vests usually have some material that melts at like 57F or whatever and keep you very cool without inducing hypothermia. The problem with just putting a vest of ice on yourself, from what I read, is that the blood vessels actively constrict at your skin (it's a skin reaction I think) and that prevents body heat from leaving via your skin, which can ironically give you heat exhaustion if it's really hot outside...

    No idea what the term is, but I'm betting it's the same effect.
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