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    To be honest, my go-to trick is always exercise. Didn't eat enough? Exercise a little. Ate a normal day's amount? Exercise. Overate? Exercise a lot. It really does feel wonderful, and it is a really good habit to get into.

    In regards to the documentary, I have never heard of it. But if it's that inspiring, I'll give it a shot!

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    I spent most of past week on a working holiday gorging on pizza and various rich, cheesy pasta dishes. I try not to eat much when I fly so on Friday, which was the day of my return, I just had water.

    Buoyed by the memory of this thread and the documentary, which I watched two weeks ago, I decided to continue once I arrived home so, for the past five days, with the exception of two small starch-based slip-ups, I've been juicing and eating only boiled veggies.

    I haven't weighed myself yet to know the difference but my trousers already fit far better and I was walking down the hallway at work clicking my heels in the air and stuff (just two weeks ago, I couldnt do that without getting winded). I hope to complete another five days. I also hope to incorporate exercise starting tomorrow.

    And oh, best benefit for me, have only had five or six ciggies in the past five days, as opposed to 30 - 40 in the previous five. Hope to bring that down to zero.

    Thanks for starting the thread, @Saturned.

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