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Thread: Germophobes.

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    Do you keep wipes on you, or use the sani-wipes at the grocery store for your cart?
    Nah, unless there's something nasty on the cart. Then I'll either get a sani-wipe or a different cart.
    Do you refuse to touch sink handles after washing your hands, or the door knobs for that matter?
    Depends on the location, but for the most part, yes, if I can avoid it. I'll use my sleeve or a paper towel if I can to avoid the contact.
    Refuse to use public toilets?
    I avoid them as much as possible. If I have to use them, I'll set toilet paper onto the seat to avoid any contact with it if it looks unclean. There's also a privacy/comfort issue with public restrooms for me.
    Refuse to flush a public toilet with your hand? (where you kick your foot up to hit the flush button...
    If it's a traditional seat, I'll use my foot because it's more fun. If it's a urinal or whatever, I'll use the base of my fist, like Haight.
    Do you Lysol everything in your house?
    No. I don't care for the disinfectant scent. I actually don't clean very often. I'm not really concerned about my germs or my day-to-day mess.
    Are you not particularly picky about yourself, but your kids sort of lived in a sanitary bubble when you had them?
    No childrens.
    Won't go to buffets because you've watched nasty shows before that showed them being nasty?
    I deliberately avoid watching those shows. "Out of sight, out of mind."
    Anything I'm missing?
    Yes, touching/dealing with money, shaking hands, working out at gyms/using public equipment.

    So let's hear your germ-avoiding habits.

    I wash my hands very often and I can't eat or drink something that's been sitting unattended for an extended period of time. I also don't eat or drink after anyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    We just cut the mold off of the block cheese...
    Yeah, that's why I said non-cheese food! hard cheese is fine to eat when some parts of it are moldy, but few other things are like that.
    -end of thread-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Yeah, that's why I said non-cheese food! hard cheese is fine to eat when some parts of it are moldy, but few other things are like that.
    Ah! I thought you meant other foods outside of cheese were good. I was like "Shit...."
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