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Thread: Fasting

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    I think that the benefits of fasting were invented by anorexic teen girls.

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    Fasting was considered a overcoming the pleasure of gluttony by eastern culture. It is respected in India and the Middle East. Anorexic teen girls just use Hinduism as an excuse if they are smart enough to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celesul View Post
    I'd be crabby if I didn't eat breakfast, but once that's done (and that can be as light as a piece of fruit) fasting til breakfast the next day can feel cleansing and refreshing.

    But I suspect that doing it too frequently would make one very crabby.
    I'll get real headachy and angry. I hate to do it but will as a spiritual discipline. Last fall I did what is referred to as the "Daniel fast." That time I definitely had a detox experience. I mean serious dt's. I was utterly miserable at times. I definitely had a lot of prayer involved and self examination. My whining and lack of appreciation were areas brought to my attention that I guess I didn't think I needed to address. "Oh no, Father God, it's all of those selfish people out there that are the problem, not me!"

    I will do it before making major or somewhat major decisions. The answers have come to. Sometimes I'll do it as a form of lamenting and solidarity with one who is suffering.

    I'll generally do shorter periods of absolute fasting. But they are generally quite the misery inducers for me. Like real bad hangovers but maybe after a nap, I'd feel OK. There were times I'd get like the huge grand slam type breakfast afterward, which almost served like a reward. Now, I'll just down a lot of water and eat whatever I normally would. I don't generally have a refreshed feeling when I'm done but maybe a stronger sense of focus.

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    Actually, I'm surprised things went over well with the V8, but I guess whatever liquid that doesn't have too much 'gunk' in it.

    And when you fast, you get cold EASILY. I did a lot of Bikram (sauna-esque) yoga durng my first fast and it was perfect. I did it in the fall/winter the second time and was freezing all the time. Your body temperature drops, so yeah, the heat feels GOOD.

    And the smelling bad and 'purging' is considered normal (for some people) as all the junk in your body escapes. But, them's one of the benes of fasting.

    And I think the responses on this page a nice slice of real world attitudes to fasting. It's true like I alluded to before fasting is Hollywood-ized as a legit way to starve oneself, it's a blurry line. However, fasting really has it's roots and as a spiritual exercise or evn act of penance or contemplation in many major world religions. Aside from straight fasting, the idea of ascetic living and very very simple living as well as simple (vegetarian) meals are common expectations even for lay people.

    And yes, it is true fasting can really help you to examine certain issues and your life. Not just issues with food, but overall practicing mindfulness, 'being in the moment' (ha, I just realized from reading some MBT books that 'being in the moment' is such a classic 'SP' thing and common in hippie-dom, which is also a classic 'SP' thing) and being rid of distractions. Simplifying. With the spiritual component of fasting, it's not just about 'starving' but about meditating, journaling, even exploring the outdoors.

    I know saying 'food is a distraction' does definitely sound anorexic considering pop culture, but the opposite of being neurotic and obsessive about food, it's supposed to help you become more self aware and build healthier, more satisfying relationships to things and people in your life.
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    I consume nothing but water and maybe some juice or vitamins 3-4 days a year. I find that it's good for flattening the stomach a bit, and it is actually kind of nice in the summer, as CzeCze said.
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    Yeah, what prompted my fasting back when I did it was the fact that every time I ate, my body just didn't quite feel right... like I was constantly overstuffed. I had eaten more food than usual for the past week beforehand (being taken out to lunch at work, dinner parties, etc) that I decided it was time to balance it out. It definitely fulfilled its purpose. I may consider doing it again in the future, just during times when I don't have much to do (so any mild dizziness won't affect my day-to-day tasks)

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    I have never fasted, nor will I ever. I need food to live and I enjoy it so I don't plan to give it up for an extended period of time if I don't have to.

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    I've done it before. I like experimenting. I lost some weight and muscle mass, but those were the only differences I could actually find. Beyond health reasons, it's fun for discipline. And the perfect time to fast is when you're already broke!
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    I'd be wary of doing it for a long period of time. I'd be crabby, and I'd not fast when I need to do anything that exerting, or when I need to concentrate that day. Maybe I'd fast the day before I needed to concentrate. ^.^

    But about not feeling good after eating, I'd think it also depends on the food. I hate normal American food, as it makes me feel rather ill, but other food is good. I avoid greasy food, but I feel good after eating sushi, or food like that ^.^
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    I've been reading about this too, a book called rational fasting, its seriously dated but I bought it out of interest more than any intention to follow it but then I discovered that there was some two days a week fasting diet which has been popular.
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