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    Quote Originally Posted by HelenOfTroy View Post
    Ah well i am mighty glad i do not need to be punished. I just eat (failry) healthily.
    I have a high metabolism and i excersize.... because i like it.
    Society must be rewarding me for being a woman...
    The Patriarchy deals wth women in the East with infibulation and the burqa, and in the West we deal with women with diets and the bordello without walls called pornography.

    Women have no idea how much men hate them.

    And to avoid the hatred of men, women infibulate their own daughters and dress them in burgas, or they teach each other to diet and how to dress for the bordello.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    If diets worked, there would be no need for thousands and thousands of diet books; there would be no need for magazines to constantly spruke diets.

    It's the same with self help books. If they worked, there would be no need of a constant, no ending stream.

    And it is exactly the same with religion. If religion worked, or if religion was true, there would be no need for thousands of religions.

    So diets, self help books and religions don't work.
    none of those things exist cause we "need" them, they exists cause people make money off of fools, including you if you cant find your own path.

    i could say, i exist to bring afterlife salvation to all but not those who refuse me as the sovereign god. it would be a lie, but then, people are stupid.

    on the other hand, if i believed the previous statement to be truth, then it would be subjective truth that i indeed am the god, thus it wouldnt be lying to convert others to worship me, but that.. would be utterly pointless.

    the only path to wisdom is self discovery and creation BY self.
    or, you could listen the fools and be their puppy who eats lies all too eagerly.

    and what comes to god: you can hope someone punishes the evil or punish them yourself to be certain.

    oh, and next time you eat candies, consider they WILL be part of you brains.
    so uh, better not eat sugar. (or, in case sugar.. cant be used for brain constructions, youll get headaches then.)

    for example: last night i woke up to a headache, i ate, 30 mins, headache started fading as faded my low energy overall feeling. (i eh, dont eat enough. and sleeping for 20 hours costs a lot of nutritions to feed the brains for dreams and maintenance to occur.)

    "Women have no idea how much men hate them."

    men tend to hate anyone stronger than themselves, whether psychologically or physically.
    its a form of insecurity expressed outwards.

    oh, not to mention beauty is another trait of insecurity for many. (or lack of it thereof.)
    whatever they lack and see in others, they envy.
    what they envy, they hate..
    so wonder not why there are that many insecure ones. (females just are naturally more equipped with psychological strength.)
    either hide your pride, or feel the wrath of envy.
    (i suggest no hiding, if you know what you do.)

    the way to make stupid men comfortable around yourself is to pretend being more stupid than them. (which can be hard to achieve in many cases, as such would require unsophisticated language and foul body language + cultural mode change.)

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