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Thread: Treat your feet

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    Default Treat your feet

    What do you do to treat your feet?

    Is there any routine you have or do you use any treatments?

    What's best for your feet and what's worst for them?
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    Mine are so gross right now bc I lost my toenails playing soccer.
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    I got a tub soak machine one year for christmas, so once a month or so I bust that out. and soak them for a while.. Then I take a heel-to-toe sloughing mask and put that on and massage all the nasty away.

    Once a week or so I try to exfoliate the tough parts (I have callouses from combat boots that just won't go away), clip my nails down and clean underneath the bit that's left, and put WAY too much foot lotion on them and slip socks over them so it soaks in overnight.

    Everyday in the shower I take time to ensure I scrub my feet with a washcloth, dry them real good and give them the evening to air out and dry out. When I'm in the army I powder them everytime I take off shoes or put on shoes since my feet don't get as much time to breathe there. I also try to rotate shoes as much as possible so that I'm never always in the same pair of shoes to give them a day to air out as well.

    That's about it though..
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    Professional pedicures every 2 weeks, all year. In between I use a pumice stone and Heel to Toe products.
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    I don't do anything. I probably should, I guess. But they're just feet, they don't need to be beautiful.
    -end of thread-

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    wear socks, except for that time i forgot them for 6 days
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    that is all

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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Mine are so gross right now bc I lost my toenails playing soccer.

    Sorry to hear about your...loss

    Have you guys ever seen dancer's feet? Truly grody.

    Since I do a lot of pilates and 'dance' I do stretching and strengthening exercises for my feet and toes. If you rock climb you'll also need to do that. Or wear high heels often. Once in a while I'll get a foot massage. I get pedicures about 1x a month. I stopped trying to scrub my feet clean during showers because I walk around the house barefoot and they inevitably get dirty again. Once in a while I'll make a half hearted attempt to slather my feet with lotion and put socks on at night.

    Now that I am so much more feet intensive with my exercise the woman who does my nails told me that part of my toe had blackened and casually informed me that "your toenail might fall off". So far, so good though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    I don't do anything. I probably should, I guess. But they're just feet, they don't need to be beautiful.
    It's about foot health. And nowadays I regret the fact that I didn't treat my feet better when I was younger. But back then of course when there were no problems I thought everything would last forever.
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    I run miles and miles or weight lifting. I walk around barefoot in the house, (and in general) and I am a nurse. These treatments are so amazing that my feet are like solid leather, and I don't even really need shoes. Hot tar in the summer is just a bonus.

    (In all seriousness, I'm practically flat footed, so staying away from high arches is good, and I wear expensive asics sneakers and try to replace them frequently, that's for my knees and such too though. )
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