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Thread: eating healthy

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    Default eating healthy

    and I'm losing too much weight. help! I don't have a choice otherwise i'd go get something greasy right now.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    How much is "too much"?

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    Often, the initial weight you lose is water weight, especially if you are eating low sodium and low carb. Why low sodium? When you eat large amounts of sodium, your body has to compensate for the loss of balance in the cells by retaining water. Once that sodium issue is no longer there, your body releases the water to restore the balance again.

    Also be aware that when you use up your glycogen stores, you lose 4 parts water to every part glycogen if you have a calorie deficit. So if you eat a low calorie diet, your body uses up a great deal of glycogen before it starts chewing on the fat. Expect to lose 1-2 kg of water in the first 1-3 days (up to ten pounds, depending).

    To check and see how much fat you are losing, either use calipers or an impedance measurement scale. That will tell you whether you are losing fat too rapidly, and if you are, gently increase the amount of calories you are eating until the fat loss occurs at a rate you're comfortable with.

    If you are losing too much lean body mass (LBM) then you need to revamp your diet to meet your needs (everyone's needs for macros are different). Often if you don't eat enough (crash diet) or if you don't eat the right combo of food for extended periods of time (think more than a week) your body starts acting all funky.

    Also, make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water (approx. 2-3 liters per day if you are also working out). Make sure you eat high-water and nutrient dense food. And don't cut out anything (e.g. no carb, no protein, no fat) for extended periods of time.

    If you keep losing too much weight, you might have an illness and need to see your general practitioner. It's a good idea to check with him/her anyway before you start any weight loss regimen to avoid electrolyte imbalances/nutrient deficiencies/other general issues.

    The one exception to the rules above would be fasting. You can fast BUT ONLY UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. NEVER do anything like that on your own, especially if you have health issues (need medicine, high/low blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, etc.)

    Bottom line: Ask a medical professional or AT LEAST a fitness trainer + dietician for advice before embarking on any long- or short-term weight loss program. In addition to avoiding medical issues, often we *think* something is healthy when it really isn't.
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