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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Haven't encountered enough close up to rightly know. Just to be on the safe side, you'd better change your name back to Victor...
    I wear a dark brown smoking coat, kept immaculately brushed, and Badger tells me, nose to nose, I remind him of fresh fields and the wholesome earth. Badger assured me you won't turn your nose up at me, and in fact has asked Ratty to invite you to a picnic beside the river, with only the most delightful fresh fruit and vegetables, and perhaps a little grilled trout, as our picnic lunch. Badger feels this will suit your taste and give you a good impression of us. Toad though has gone overboard again and decided he wants to be a vegetarian, as he said mistakenly, just like you. But Toad gets taken by his enthusiasms so you must forgive him. He is really a good hearted animal.

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    It's true; after a while, you don't even crave the stuff. Willpower for ~30 days becomes a long-term, self-sustaining machine.

    Every time I'm 'tempted,' I just think to myself--marshmallow.

    I've nixed all fast food, sodas, and virtually all sweets (especially chocolate, etc.). The only time I've had sweets as of late was on a recent trip; a bunch of problems at the airport forced me to grab my dinner from vending machines at the hotel.

    My remaining vice is coffee. I drink a lot of it.

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    ^ I was craving fruit juice the other day after not drinking it for a month and it was so gross. Cutting out sugar makes things tastes too sweet when you try it again.

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