B: Does our body have an intelligence of its own? How can it affect us in our decisions?

“Revealing our feelings of our own inner, sanctified universe, our body reveals a truth is not entirely easy to do for it can seem or feel to be scary. This is to say our own body, language, speech, and inner universe and our true feelings are manifest to the world without us being totally aware.

Some are more adept at hiding their real emotions, but even with them one can pick up clues. The adult thing to do is to freely acknowledge our emotion. I feel angry, depressed what have you. It is just that we are not taught to reveal our inner emotions in this society. It appears it isn't so well known in our general public.

One of so many variant variables of the PTSD phenomenon is in one sense our very bodies can override our rational. That means we know we can walk on seemingly in a wall of illusionary peril in front; but our bodies heed, remember. We fight our soul in order of the self -actualization path.” LightSun