If the government is allowed to interfere and people still campaign for more clout to be effected through such inappropriate channels as national scale official organisations then the slippery slope towards a very draconian system is non too far off.

The thing is you get one daft headed busy body who wants a security camera for their besieged area, then you find them cropping up all over the place. You get the nervous wrecks still sitting in their living rooms twitching curtains seemingly unaffected by how they've got everyone else twitching curtains and even got the government joining in their voyeuristic tendencies and their still nervous! They still proclaim that they feel threatened!!

The whole system is shot to pieces. Personally I blame the lawyers for making rules out of temporary situations and then doing their damnedest to keep these rules hardline.

Fire the lot of them. Then run mass interviews and hire back only the ones who aren't highly paid and who still give a hoot for moderation. Then rotate them out after 10 years into day care or something so they get a grip.

In direct reference to the story, if you can say that it's fine to take children off a mother because you don't like how she still smacks or restrains her child (and yes it can just be the latter and non of the former) then you asked for it with the whole "you don't feed and exercise your kids right".