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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    any rec's for foundations for Asian skin?

    And I wear purple liner, supposedly it makes dark brown eyes pop.
    the most important thing to remember about foundation
    is that it's not going to act like a concealer. so don't get
    one to hide all your dark spots--use a concealer. foundations
    just stabilize and even out your overall skintone.

    it goes on like a tinted moisturizer, very, very light, and
    gives amazing coverage. i have a lot of discolouration
    on my cheeks from acne scarring and this does great
    day-to-day job. it's very light and stands the heat and
    does not get cakey.

    product description
    The tiniest drop of this new hybrid fluid creates a fresh, natural complexion. Skin looks refined and feels refreshed, creating an exquisite makeup experience. The fluid formula has a soft, water-light texture, and comes in 10 shades that match perfectly to skin’s undertones, whether pink or beige. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic. Oil- free.

    there's also the original one which is not as sheer at the aqua:

    product description
    The ultimate solution to tired skin, the best-selling CHANEL foundation instantly revitalizes the complexion upon application — and throughout the day. The formula has been updated with ingredients to specifically target dry, dull and uneven skin, and moisturizing agents to provide hydration and comfort. A marine extract boosts cell energy to enhance radiance, and light-reflecting pigments smooth away imperfections, creating a soft-focus effect. Creamy and luxuriously lightweight, this essential daily foundation blends effortlessly for perfectly smooth, even-toned, radiant skin.

    it doesn't give as good coverage as the: PRO LUMIÈRE PROFESSIONAL FINISH MAKEUP SPF 15 ($54.00)
    which is actually amazing to work with, blends like a dream,
    but for day to day stuff i like something very light on my
    skin. and the vitalumiere is good. i do have this pro lumiere
    which i use if i'm going to get photographed or if i'm doing
    a big night out on the town. it's my 'special' occasion makeup

    product description
    Breakthrough oil-free formula provides medium-to-full coverage, with a flawless, professional, semi-matte finish. Can be blended for a soft, natural look or built up for greater sophistication.

    foundation powders i still go with
    mac's pro preffered white spf15 matte
    foundation powder (which i can't seem to
    find online and wonder if it's a regional thing,
    or they stopped making it)

    i'll take a picture of it: it's here with benefit's
    "some kind of gorgeous" which is a foundation
    faker---which i used to really love, but i love
    my chanel more now.

    oh and my favouriteeeee brush of all time! stila #21 ($45)
    i really love stila's brushes, they feel great,
    and so easy to take care, i've had this one
    for over 5 years already.

    it's awesome as a stippling brush for powder foundation
    and cream based foundations (not liquid) because it's so
    dense! the flat top makes putting blush on easy, and
    the edges makes it so easy to contour and highlight.
    i really love multitasking products.

    i also have the mac 187 brush ($42), which is specifically
    for face stippling. heehee that sounds funny. which
    i also like, especially if i'm working with liquid products
    the hairs don't clump up. but i just leave it at home.

    ---i think when it comes to foundation, what criteria
    is important for you, is it how it feels on your skin?
    how long you can wear? what kind of coverage you need?
    what kind of budget?

    i need something that feels next to nothing, because
    my face is always sweaty, and especially around my
    nose, i have like dog sweat nose. so i need something
    that won't clog me up but also has staying power
    (i don't really fix my makeup during the day except
    add lipbalm). i really hate stuff that makes me feel
    that i'm wearing foundation.

    for drugstore brands, i like the the revlon colorstays,
    but it's in an entirely different league from the chanel.
    they way it feels on my skin, the breathability for my
    skin. my skins definitely feels more stressed if i'm wearing
    thicker formulations which most drugstore brands are like,
    and it's not something i want to do to my skin. like i'll
    buy revlon colorstays if i'm on vacation and don't want
    to lug around my makeup mag, i'll just pop in and buy one
    / emergency backup. they have a mineral formulation too,
    but i'm not a huge fan of mineral foundation. it goes bad
    faster and sometimes i prefer a more matte finish.

    but ever since i started using the chanel i always bring
    it with me now. plus it has spf. lazy hot days, i just slap
    it on as my all in one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    I tend to stay from eye-shadows. Maybe it's because I don't know how to put them on properly, even when I take the time to try....
    I also think " Where would I wear that"
    So, answer my question ladies, which sort of occasion would call for yellow eye-shadow? And how would one "wear" it?
    tools: my favourite tool for eyes is stila's #20
    i love the doe foot (slightly angled brush) it gets
    into the creases and just makes application easy,
    especially if you're playing with colours. the angle
    bit is the best tool i've used hands down to create
    the perfect V (sideways v like: ">" from outer corner
    of your eye to crease... this helps add depth your
    eyes). and makes blending a cinch.

    yellow eyeshadow doesn't have so be applied to it's heavily pigmented.
    you can use it as a base all over your lid as a colour corrector

    for example, benefit makes a yellow cream and markets it as an eye primer.
    personally i don't think it's that great as an eye primer compared
    to urban primer potion (but i never think cream primers are that great)
    but i do use it on it's own and it just instantly brightens up my eyes.

    for eyeshadows: you can use it subtly: i love yellow and purple

    you can pack it on:

    for bold colours, you don't have to apply it all over the lid. i dab it
    on right in the middle of my eyelid for that pop. and yellow is fantastic,
    makes the whites of your eyes brighter (so do deep blues). and i dab
    it on like an indian dot (is that offensive? i can't tell and i don't mean it
    to be) but instead of the forehead i dab it right on the lids from the
    lash line up to the crease. and blend it out on the sides on top of
    more neutral colours.

    currently i'm crazy about this mac palette (chromezone 2)
    and the 'unreally blue' colour (top right) is so so fantastic
    to add a pop of colour. i dab in the middle and use it to
    line my lower lash line.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    MAC Blushcreme is my favorite because it blends out so sheer and never looks cakey. Maybelline Dream Mousse is also really nice.

    I love MAC Malt, Quarry, Copperplate, and Vapour for a day look, with MAC Syrup lipstick.

    Citre Shine Frizz Anti-Frizz serum as well.
    i love mac malt! this is what i keep at work.
    i really like playing with makeup when i'm bored.

    front row: mac: malt (matte), camel (velvet), humid (frost), black tied (velvet), beauty marked (velvet); smashbox fusion soft lights in dusk

    backrow: bobbi brown nude on nude palette + sephora choco excess n.19

    malt (matte), camel (velvet), humid (frost)

    black tied (velvet), beauty marked (velvet), smashbox fusion soft lights in dusk, sephora choco excess n.19

    nobody does black like mac. @Glycerine, these were the two
    colours i was talking about re: mac's carbon

    i actually hate doing swatches on myself because i have
    really dry skin, and my moisturizer has a sheen to it, so
    i have to wash my arm then put it on the bare dry skin.
    but just to compare colours:

    top to bottom: beauty marked , beauty marked applied on top of black tied, black tied

    see how beauty mark it's a different colour from the pan?
    in the pan it's this beautiful rich deep burgundy colour,
    but the red actually comes from the shiny. beautiful
    colours nonetheless. great as liners, and love using
    beauty marked on top of the black tied.

    there are just one finger swipes, so the pigmentation
    is great. you can really pack on the colour.

    bobbi brown nude on nude palette: nude, cement, wheat, espresso, malted

    @Tiltyred the bobbi brown used to be my favourite palette but
    now i am in love with the urban decay NAKED palette ($48)which i
    leave at home

    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
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    I use pretty much all REN products for my skin. I love REN. Recommended.

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    I absolutely adore the Urban Decay Naked palette, works perfectly for fair skin and all the pretty brown and coppers make blue eyes really pop.

    My favourite red lipstick (im still new to lip colour, having large full lips always made me feel a little clownish wearing anything other than nudes or shimmers) is Benefit's full finish lipstick in 'espionage'. It's a black-cherry/plummy colour and works amazingly on pale skin.

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    Keke, thanks @Jenaphor and @mmhmm I need to get some new foundation/powder soon so I'll check out your recommendations.

    I just remembered - out of all the random make-up buying that I have done, this purchase probably tops my list as a good buy.

    The whole line was created by a former soap opera star (I think) and she pays a lot of attention to consistency and color. This palette was meant to be flattering to a wide range of skin shades. It really is a go-to kit for everyday wear and makes you look put together in a sophisticated way.

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    I want to find a lipstick that's about this colour... I've been told it would go nicely with my colouring, which is very similar to the girl in this pic. Any suggestions, ladies?

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    I'd try out Mac's 'Spice it up'. It's a red-brown lipstick, but it's a lustre lipstick, not a matte one (check the matte section to get the same finish as in the picture). I tend to wear red lipliner under it (Brick), making it more red, but if you were to put a plum one under it, I'd say you get this colour. On its own, it's a soft brown-red.

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    NARS Russian Red, maybe

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    are you kidding me. Fuck that shit, man...if I don't look like the Phantom of the Opera unmasked, I'm satisfied.
    Some people like to peacock it up
    It can be really fun. Some people go overboard though. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it looks bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    @Jenaphor @mmhmm @Antimony (you Azn, girl?) @Sparrow if she's posted in this thread - any rec's for foundations for Asian skin?

    And I wear purple liner, supposedly it makes dark brown eyes pop.
    Azn? Like, Asian?

    Purple liner is lovely. As is eye shadow. And YES, it is great on brown eyes. I have brown eyes. They make my eyes go WABAM, oftentimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maddy View Post

    I want to find a lipstick that's about this colour... I've been told it would go nicely with my colouring, which is very similar to the girl in this pic. Any suggestions, ladies?
    Revlon is inexpensive and does the job. I don't know how much money you have to shell out on a lipstick. But if your skin is similar to hers, many rich reds would work beautifully.

    As a note, I have brown hair, brown eyes (that are goldish/orange/sometimes greenish, so not always pure brown), and a yellow skintone.

    Oh, and @mmhmm I find that using a liquid foundation works just as well as a concealer. I think if someone has really bad acne/chronic redness, it isn't worth the effort, but for a slight touch up it works.
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    I want to go to mmhmm's house for a makeover!

    I've wanted to try Chanel foundation for a long time. I have really pale skin (dark hair, blue-green eyes), but I find it really hard to find a shade that blends in properly. I've tried Diorskin and HDMakeup Forever in department store brands and pretty much all drugstore brands. The closest I've found is Covergirl, which is either a shade that is slightly too pale and ghosty or slightly too dark and doesn't blend in properly.

    I have some sun damage discolouration on my upper lip that gets worse during the summer that is hard to cover. I wear high SPF La Roche Posay (I've been happy with that stuff and think the money is worth it if you get it on sale, because I don't live in a hot climate, so I am not reapplying a bunch of times a day). Do you guys have any recommendations for concealer? The closest I've found is the palest cover girl stuff in a stick which is not a shade, but is supposed to neutralize. I've heard that something purplish-blue should help, but haven't found anything that's the ticket yet.

    Also, I'm beginning to get some gray hairs - not enough that they stand out a lot, but enough that it would be a bad idea to just pluck them (yeah, I know, I know!). I haven't decided what to do about it yet. I don't like the idea of the chemicals in a lot of hair dye, my sister does the henna thing, but I'm not so sure about it (she looks great with reddish hair, even though she started out with brown). I don't think I want a permanent hair dye until I figure out what kind of colour works best for me and get used to applying it. I'd prefer something that just fades out for now, but there is very little to choose from anymore that is semi-permanent. I talked to the hair dresser - her suggestion was highlights, but I don't really love that look and it still doesn't deal with the grays scattered throughout my hair. I'd like whatever I have to look natural. Any ideas?

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