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It's not about "interesting." It's about the phenomenon of far-East Asian people being so strangely healthy and living such incredibly long lives. I don't think that's a coincidence.

I agree that drinking hydrogen peroxide might be foolish, and I don't buy anything that promises to be a "miracle cure" but I honestly think the entire benefit of Western medicine applies mainly to things like violent trauma and life-threatening illness. Even some of those life-threatening illnesses could be easily prevented with proper nutrition and exercise and other lifestyle choices.

An acquaintence of mine noted recently something very interesting. She bought the standard, over-the-counter remedy for her daughter's teething and the homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic remedy was far more effective and the baby isn't old enough to experience the placebo effect.

Probiotics work, so does garlic, just like ginger works for nausea, and many other foods have long-term and short-term health benefits. Many of the things we need for our health already exist in nature, and people in other cultures have accepted this for thousands of years.

I agree that Western medicine is necessary for certain things, but I think it's overused, medication is overprescribed, and some of those medications do more harm than good ...like abusing antibiotics, just one common example.

Also, women who treat minor vaginal issues (not STDs) naturally tend to have less reoccurance than women who use the harsh chemical stuff, which can cause further problems.
I agree, actually. I think nutrition is a huge, huge player (although still not very well understood). And definitely a lot of remedies work - I use ginger myself for nausea (a few cubes floating in a water bottle works great for the day). But on the other hand, if something is known to cause tissue damage like hydrogen peroxide I'd hesitate to use it as a remedy for already damaged tissue. And while natural things can certainly be powerful in good ways, they can also be powerful in bad ways, particularly since they're not regulated. Just gotta figure out which ones are the good ones.