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    Not to completely dismiss the possibility but... check for stomach worms?
    I know it sounds disgusting but it's possible. They suck the fat out of humans.
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    Loss of appetite? Which could be part of depression.

    Or are you just eating when you actually feel hungry? I've found that when I only eat when I am hungry, I tend to lose weight.

    Either case could be a problem.

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    I am very glad to see your progress regarding weight loss,
    i am to much conscious about my weight. My weight is increasing day by day. I will try to follow your ideas and instructions..
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    There are lots of things that could be causing this.

    Main things are you eating around the same amount as you were before you started loosing weight? Has your appetite decreased? If you are eatting similar amounts but loosing weight you may have worms (you can google the symptoms)

    Another issue may be an over active thyroid - massively critical to get that checked out, typically happens late 20s or more likely mid 30's - you start burning lots of calories because you body is speeding. It often flips into under active thyroid. Thyroid issues are life threatening so worth getting the blood test.

    Early stages of type 1 diabetes can cause weight loss i think (don't quote me on that)... if you are not born with the condition it can develop in the late teens early 20s. Again reasonably simple test.

    any unexplained weight loss - or weight gain for that matter needs to be checked to rule out the synister stuff. Depression could be a symptom of lack of calories Or the reason you are not eatting enough... ie is a symptom or the cause... that needs to be fathomed.

    Either way I hope you are successful sorting it out. Nice to hear someone is conscious of their body weight falling below a healthy level and knowing it's a problem not thinking it great. Healthy body weight and body image is really important for emotional and mental health.

    Good luck and DON'T leave it to resolve it self, the doctor will help you find the reason, even if it is - you are not eatting enough, better to discount some of the above nasties.

    Good luck and good appetite.

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