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    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    Sounds like sinus problems. Try taking one Claritin tablet every day and see if it improves.

    The headache comes from sleeping with the head lower down in relation to the body and the nausea is from the junk draining to your stomach. You may not even have any nasal issues during the day for this to be the culprit.

    Just my two cents - but do go to a doctor.
    That's what I was saying.

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    Yeah, the headache and nausea were exactly my symptoms before I had my sinus surgery. Seems like one of my son's has inherited my rotten sinuses. In our cases it's not alleries (or at least not something that tests pick up) but is considered chronic sinusitis. In my case, after years of using OTC drugs, I had the surgery, which fixed it. In milder cases I think the drugs will do the trick.

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    Cheers for the help. I'll try and book an appointment when I'm back at Uni.

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