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Thread: insomnia's back

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    I got my celexa lowered back to 20 I can sleep again.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Ive had insomnia, like going to school without sleeping and staying awake more than 48 hours...
    The fix arent chemicals, you are the fix. Youve got some problems you need to fix, and if you dont know which ones they are you have to discover them.

    I got anxiety too, tried many chemicals and only got headaches or nausea.. do you know what fixed it? I started setting little goals for myself, like getting my drivers license (i dont know in the US, but here requires a bit effort and money), the same day i got my license i stopped smoking and two months later i joined the gym.

    Still cant fix the dating&love issues because i really suck at it, but i try to do everything else i can to improve myself. Now im smoke-free, having a healthy life, im fit and i feel like i have less things to worry about. I sleep really well, unless i think too much of some girl or whatever -that will make it harder for me to get asleep- but the rest of the days are perfect.

    Sounds too typical, but exercise really helps, its an important thing you should do in this stressing world of chaos! haha. Dont expect that one day of jogging will fix you, just do exercise on a regular basis, you produce endorphines when exercising and in the long run you will feel sooo much better
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