I'm unsure about my strange sleep schedule that occurs around dawn.

When a person is tired, the body/mind tends to tell him/her that he/she is tired.

A lot of the time, I tend to go to sleep at around midnight (give or take a hour earlier or later.) Sometimes, I am able to fall asleep at maybe thirty minutes to an hour later. Sometimes, I can't sleep for the whole night.

But here is the catch, when dawn arrives (day light savings or not... around 6 ish and usually right when the sun is about to come out.) My body finally begins to tell me that I am tired. This does not matter whether I had the 6-8 hours of sleep or not be able to sleep at all. My mind and body just begins telling me that "alright, you are tired... you can go to sleep now." Strange thing is, the onslaught of my body telling me to sleep anywhere around midnight does not occur as strongly as it does around 6 a.m. (Thus... sometimes not being able to sleep the whole night.)

If I am allowed to sleep until 9 a.m. I feel rested enough to move about. If it is a time before 7, I often feel exhausted (but am also able to function.)


What is this case? I don't think this is insomnia. After all, I am able to sleep, and when I am allowed to sleep until 9 a.m I feel just fine. What can I do to rework the timing in which I actually do feel tired (Instead of finally feeling tired to sleep at 6a.m....?)

Could it just be that I have done something to my Circadian Rhythm to make it so I am tired at 6 a.m.?