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    Default Chronic Illness/Conditions

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and it's getting pretty bad. I know what to do with it medically but I'm having trouble dealing with it in a social/familial/work setting. A lot of it has to do with setting limits and not really wanting to disclose to other people why I have to do so.

    Anyone else have to deal with this?

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    A bit, not not with a ton of success. I've had two lumbar discectomies, the first at a pretty young age, ehh probably around 26. I don't mind telling people now, but I used to be some what self conscious about my limitations. Even now I end up in situations where I do things that I know I shouldn't do and end up having to take downtime. Things like taking a half share of lugging a 600 lb woodstove to the second story of a building or deciding it sounds fun to demolition plaster and lathe walls with sidekicks. Mostly, I'm my own worse enemy.

    I'm a lot better on taking it easy on myself, but the problems happen anymore when I become impatient about getting things done or when I'm reluctant to ask for help. It's not always pleasant to need people.

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