^^ Nice! A lot of the lunches I was getting on the veggie meal delivery were basically pita pizza. They were very tasty and low calorie. Also, eating spicy food is a tip to keep your caloric intake down and speed up your metabolism. This is good news for me b/c I like very spicy food.

I just wanted to add Alicia, there may be something to low carb!

I switched from my veggie diet to low carb, and I've lost 2 pounds on the scale in less than a week. I've added minimal excercise (bought a pedometer, went to the dog park with my brother's dog the other day) but nothing major so I think the low-carb diet really contributed.

Perhaps it's not that low-carb helped me lose weight, but rather the wheat/carb heavy veggie plan I was on really encouraged weight gain/retention. I ate a lot more carbs than I normally do (a lot more bread and grains like quinoa, couscous) and I felt heavy?

Every metabolism is different so I guess mine just responds better to low carb. Good to know!