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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    I find that I sleep a lot better when Its only 3 hours at night, 3 hours in the afternoon. sometimes I make it 4.
    I know its weird.. but lately thats what I've been on.
    I wake up right away, not tired

    unlike if I slept for 7-9 hours straight, I wake up exhausted and angry. :/
    My sleep schedule is such a mess - and having a chronic illness, I need a lot more sleep than most people, like 12 hours at least if I want to not feel tired. But, I get what you're saying about the sleeping in short intervals. I can go to bed, sleep about 3 hours, and then pop up, wide awake. It's crazy.

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    My entire life I have not been able to fall asleep in a reasonable time. Even as a youngster, it would take me on average an hour and a half to get to sleep. On top of that, I'm AD/HD and have been on Adderall for quite some time, which made it even more difficult to get to sleep. I just lived with it up until about a year ago when my Doctor prescribed me Elavil. I think it's actually an anti-depressant... It has made my life so much better, and from what I've learned, it is not addictive. I could be wrong, though. Either way, I am finally getting to sleep at a reasonable hour and sleeping all through the night and waking up feeling better. I've never been one to have a really hard time getting up, but I never felt refreshed in the morning. I am usually asleep by 11PM nowadays and up between 6 and 6:30AM. Honestly, I don't like being on a lot of prescription drugs. Fortunately, I very rarely get sick and am not on anything else.

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    Here's an interesting thing I heard from my professor the other day.

    When she was in college, the magic number for sleep was 3. If you got three hours of sleep and got up, you'd feel the same way if you had 6 hours, or 9 when you woke up, possibly because the sleep cycle works in an average span of three hours. Maybe it's why people can feel tired if they only get 7 or 8 hours of sleep as well.

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