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    Default Any advice on hair that is frizzy?

    Anyone have good advice on hair that is frizzy? I could spend a lot of time on my hair, go out for 5 min, and have it look like I did nothing. I don't have curly hair - it's more wavy, but it breaks easily and then the little pieces "frizz" up above my hair like some awful frizz crown. The only thing I have done is expensive hair straightening, and I would like to stop spending so much money on that.

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    There's a long-ass thread about curly hair somewhere with some good tips. Do a search.
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    I have the same problem. Lots of conditioning and protein treatments is your best bet.

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    Yep, it's usually getting the protein and moisture balance right, and you have to figure out what works for your own particular hair. Wavy hair is the same as curly hair, btw, it's just got less of a curl pattern.

    I'd read this thread: and also poke around on

    I would try to stay away from sulfates and silicones, and don't towel-dry with a terrycloth towel. You can either "plop," which is wrapping your curls on top of you head in a microfiber towel, or scrunch the water out with a microfiber towel while encouraging curl, but don't ever rub your head with a towel. You'll rough up the cuticle.

    I would advise reading and experimenting. A lot of people want someone to just give them a tip or two and have it fix everything, but the reality is, it takes knowledge, time, and experimentation to figure out what works for each person's hair. There's no quick fix, but the above tips will help.
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