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Thread: Curly Hair

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    Gefus. I can't spent THAT long doing my hair. How often did she braid it?

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    I rarely use any heat styling stuff, but it's still super dry. I've dropped off all shampoo, use only a conditioning wash/rinse, then leave-in conditioner and a little mousse. Still haven't got a system I like down yet, but it's definitely getting better.

    I got my hair cut on a whim while I was visiting SF and I loooooved the cut and the products she used. I can't seem to find anyone here in Boston as good with curls as that lady was.
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    I've recently discovered my hair was curly. I just wash with water, no shampoo or conditioner. If I do it just gets dry and poofy, so I haven't done that for months. Keeps it nice and strong so it never falls out when Mmhmm grabs and tugs and pulls it this way and that. Always a bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    I've recently discovered my hair was curly. I just wash with water, no shampoo or conditioner. If I do it just gets dry and poofy, so I haven't done that for months. Keeps it nice and strong so it never falls out when Mmhmm grabs and tugs and pulls it this way and that. Always a bonus.
    sometimes i get confused and don't know which
    one i want to twirl and play with first, your hair,
    or the little tufts of chest hair so just have to
    simultaneously do it. rub head pet chest.

    i just like it best when i yank at them,
    pluckpluckpluck jock. hahahahah.


    i used to process my hair a lot, i get it
    glossed and steamed.

    i don't really like using daily products. sticky.
    not the good kind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    For ladies with curls...

    My hair is kind of wavy/curly, but it has been feeling so dry lately. I use an intense conditioner for heavily damaged (permed/dyed) hair, but it still seems to get so dried out. I've never colored or permed or straightened it or anything. I wash only once, condition for a couple minutes, apply either some mousse or style cream and then sometimes blow dry.

    Anyone else with curly hair have any advice on either conditioners or styling products or treatments for curly hair that's getting a little dried out?
    I'm a guy and I straighten my hair, so I can't totally relate, but I can help if you'd like to straighten your hair and have it stay soft and healthy. basically what I do is wash as normal, use leave in conditioner afterwords, comb that through and wait for it to dry. next I use a thermal protector, comb that through and let it dry. after that, it just takes a few minutes to straighten and you're good feathery, elegant and soft as silk.
    PS: the downside is it takes a long time to dry
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    But I looooove the look of the top pic! I wish my hair would look that wild and voluminous.

    My hair gets dry, but not as much when I use Wen. I blow dry about twice a week and diffuse about twice a week--sometimes I wear it curly and sometimes I wear it straight. My underlayers are less wavy than the rest of my hair, but diffusing helps even it out, and doesn't take long. I get more volume from diffusing, too.

    Another good thing for some types of curly hair is protein. My hair hates hydrolized soy or wheat protein (but some curly girls do really well with it, and can use the supercheap and effective Ecostyler at Sally's). Mine loves keratin protein, and I condition it sometimes with Sally's Generic brand of the JOICO K-Pak stuff. Just experiment with the balance of moisture and protein. Sometimes if you overcondition, your hair can still look like straw! It's weird.
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    I have long curly hair too. I use Pureology's Nanoworks line and get a Redken intensive conditioning treatment that lasts a whole month (just one treatment). Have to go to the salon for it though.
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