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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia
    Are you getting extra vitamin D? It's surprisingly helpful for a number of ailments, and especially if you live somewhere where you get less sun this time of year, it could make a bit difference. I do notice a huge change in my energy level when I take it, although I know it would not necessarily adjust your reaction to foods. I take 2-4000 IU a day and they say it is safe to do so.
    I don't know how much a lack of vitamin D has to do with my fatigue, but I'm certain I could use more of it in my system; I don't drink milk, which is one of the main sources of vitamin D, and I spend so little time in the sun that I wonder if some of the more imaginative people out there suspect I'm a vampire. So I will probably start taking vitamins again, and most likely right away, because I have a neglected bottle of them stowed away in the cupboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by fecaleagle
    I don't think it's hypothyroidism, mostly because your problems occur around meal time.

    I think you may be suffering from rapid gastric emptying aka dumping syndrome. One caveat: this would be very, very rare in a patient that hasn't had a stomach surgery, but research is being done to find out how this happens in normal people. Nonetheless it fits. Basically your stomach is prematurely releasing undigested food into your small intestine, and your intestines become really angry which makes you feel shitty. There are 2 types: early and late. The 30 minute time frame that you mentioned would suggest early. But then again, there is a lot of overlap and people can suffer symptoms of both. The key symptoms include nausea, vomiting, pain/cramps/bloat/burping, diarrhea...and two very distinguishing additional symptoms: !!fatigue and a racing pulse!!. Sweating, shaking, and mental fog would really strengthen the diagnosis, but are probably a long shot since they tend to occur with the late variation. I would have your doctor look into performing a gastric emptying test and possibly a endoscopy if you identify with these symptoms.

    If this is what you are suffering from, tweaking your diet may be all that you need, but it seems like you have already tried a bit. I would focus on protein and ESPECIALLY healthy fats because fat slows down the empying of your stomach contents in your small intestine..the same goes for fiber! As for carbs...brown rice, rolled oats, sweet potatoes....stick to very low GI sources and take in absolutely zero sugar. Honestly, I would completely cut out carbs for a while, except for veggies. Avoid fruit as well since it contains sugar. If that doesn't work partially or fully, medications can help and at worst, surgery.
    You raise an intriguing possibility, one that I had never even heard of until now. In light of what you've told me, I've been taking measures to mitigate any rapid gastric emptying that I might have--I've been lying down right after meals and avoiding drinking anything within half an hour of eating--and my negative reaction to food has almost vanished. Aside from that piece of evidence that I have RGE, I also remember that one of the things that has always tired me out the most, and almost immediately upon drinking it, was tea after a meal, which, as a warm fluid, is particularly likely to trigger symptoms of rapid gastric emptying.

    On the other hand, for some bizarre reason, in spite of not making any changes whatsoever to my lifestyle, I began to experience a rare spike in energy levels, about a day after I started this topic. With my overall strength being so much higher than usual, even if still far from perfect, it's difficult for me to say for sure whether my improved tolerance for food has anything to do with the actions I've taken to counteract RGE. I suspect that it does, at least a little, for reasons too vague for me to go into detail about, but only time can prove me right.

    This coming weekend when I go grocery shopping, I'm also going to try going gluten-free and see how that affects me. The low-carb diet is a tempting suggestion, but I'm going to hold off at least until I go without gluten for awhile; thanks to my pickiness, I already eat a fairly restrictive diet as it is, and making it even more restrictive is not something I can easily do without some serious thought about how to keep from starving for lack of things to eat (a gluten-free diet requires some rethought, too, but considerably less, since many foods have gluten-free versions).
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    I'm glad that you're feeling better! Keep us posted on how going gluten-free works out. If you decide to do low carb, it's not that difficult if you get creative. Look into the "ketogenic diet". Your body honestly prefers using fat rather than carbs for energy. I've heard nothing but people being wired with energy from this type of diet. You can cook lean meats like fish, chicken, and turkey, with a lot of olive oil and similar oils, as well as adding some nuts as a snack. Steak and roasts, along with pork can also give you sufficient fat calories. Cheese too if you are not lactose intolerant. Veggies and fiber supplementation (I would look into psylium husk powder as it's magical stuff) will help too. This way, you would maximally slow down your stomach's release of food. And without a regular carb source and hence low insulin levels, these fats pose no health risks.

    Good luck figuring it all out! If it really is RGE, that will be surprising and an interesting medical find that I'm sure would shock your physician.

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