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    I think I’m being poisoned by my local 99 cent store. I’ve been analyzing how I feel after eating certain things from there and I’ve noticed that my stomach feels pretty bad after I eat certain refrigerated things from there. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way either because other people have told me that certain things from there have occasionally gotten them sick as well.

    The refrigerated things that I will sometimes buy from there are eggs, sandwich meat and two different kinds of frozen type dinner thing. So for the past two months I’ve limited myself to only eating those things once every two weeks. Two out of four times after I ate all those specific things my stomach felt really bad for a few days.

    I even tried as best as I could to keep all the variables the same so that my results would be skewed as little as possible. I made sure to eat the same things from a different store during the times I wasn’t eating those specific refrigerated products from the 99 cent store.

    I remember this one random day when I was inside their store I saw this cart with a bunch of merchandise in it that looked like things they return back to the shelves. I noticed that there were packages of sandwich meat in there and I thought to myself wtf… isn’t that stuff supposed to be refrigerated.

    Yesterday was the fourth time in two months that I've eaten any of those things and now my stomach feels really bad again like its food poisoning or something. So I’m curious as to what exactly I could do about this. How exactly is this kind of thing regulated? Is there some kind of lab I could call or something that looks into this kind of thing?

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    In New Zealand you'd contact the Health Department. I did a quick search and I guess it is the same where you are.

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    I think I'll look into that right now, thanks.

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    Yeeeaaaaa... Juice-sicle, that's not good. Do they not put dates on their food at all? I would be hesitant to bother with them, but also I would imagine food would start to look/smell bad in those scenarios. I'm not too clear on it though.

    There's something about cheap 'hole in the wall' convenience stores that is so shady about food products. We once bought Poptarts from one by us, but they were to the point where the insides weren't mushy in the slightest... not even after a toasting. Poptarts should be almost indestructable to the normal forces of rot and decay.. like the cochroaches of food (next to Spam of course), but nope.
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