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Thread: You and Food

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    What's your relationship to food?

    I once heard someone described as a casual eater. Food was not a big deal to her. I forget to eat sometimes, I don't overeat but my relationship to food has never been casual. I'm acutely aware. I can feel the effects of something I've ingested almost immediately.

    Been through all kinds of phases - strict vegetarian, now I can't get enough meat. Fish used to make me gag but I've eaten it twice this week already. Dairy is something I couldn't do without but after experimenting with my diet I discovered I'm really allergic to it.

    (I really think there is a correlation between inadequate breastfeeding and dairy love. I think I've heard it called "mouth-hunger" though that covers other cravings too.)

    Anyway, interested in hearing about others diet and food quirks and relationship to food. Do you think about it? I read somewhere else that people with a casual attitude to food are more likely to have healthy body weight. Makes sense to me.

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    Oh and btw, giving up dairy, the thing I was allergic to affected me in such a way that I dropped a dress size within about two weeks. I have always had a pretty stable weight and this was really extreme. I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar.

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    I used junk food as a form of self-medication during a very stressful period of my life. It's funny how I never found veggies, fruits, and grilled chicken to be very self medicating... it was always the high sugar and fatty stuff.

    Anyways, I've been doing much better the past 3 months. I'll still occasionally eat too much or go for a snack, but I'm seeing it as far more utilitarian than I used to. It's something that I consume when my body gets hungry enough, and I generally avoid foods that taste "too good".

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    Food is a big part of my life, even when I am making the effort to eat well. Every other thought is on when I'll eat, what I'll eat, how relatively nutritional it is, if it puts me far below or just right with caloric intake. etc blahdiblah.
    When I'm not eating well, the cravings for constant bad food take over. I'm not a food-aholic, but I need to know what I am putting in my body and when, or else I'll fall to pieces in that regard.

    Over the past 4 1/2 months, I've been making the effort to eat much better things. I refuse to deprive myself of foods I love or really deep-rooted cravings I have if they fit into my intake. I'm 'laxed about it, but efficient .

    I have friends who have terrible relationships with food and feel guilty for allowing themselves an ounce of food-happiness. That's what I strive to never, ever feel. The second I beat myself up for eating something rewarding after eating well continously is the second that I'll be doing it wrong.
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    I've always had a relationship with food, and by that I remember even as a very young adolescent - maybe 11, 12 - being conscious of wanting to eat healthy cereal and yogurt and turkey sandwiches, or whatever. But then I actually went through a disordered eating phase throughout my teens (it will be less calories if I put orange juice on my bran flakes, green beans are okay for dinner, what will happen if I don't eat for two days, I even tried making myself throw up a few times but fortunately I don't enjoy suffering enough for it to have stuck THANK GOD) ... then I went through a phase as a young adult with my own money realizing I could afford all of this "expensive" food like crab legs, oysters, sushi, etc. because I was a dancer and made large amounts of cash almost daily.

    I like food. At different points in my life I've overeaten, at other points I've under-eaten, but I can't fathom being someone who "forgets to eat" or who will "just eat whatever." My ex used to say, "how come it can't ever be a bologna sandwich with you? it always has to be something SPECIFIC and NICE that you want to eat."

    That's not the truth, because I know how to survive on a very low food budget when I'm poor (oatmeal, eggs, ramen, beans, peanut butter, bread), but I always do put a large amount of thought into what I'm eating.

    I've been on low-carb diets, I've even been vegan for a month or two here and there.

    I also love to cook, and people tell me I'm quite good at it. I'd like to be as good of a cook as my mother.

    So yes, I have a pretty serious relationship with food, but I hope it's healthier at this point in my life than it has been at other times.

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    I have a very strange relationship with it changes quite frequently.

    I'd probably say that it started getting unhealthy when I was forced to go on a strict diet (I needed to make weight, and it is really hard for me to weigh under 130 lb or 59kg with having a substantial amount of muscle mass).

    I'd start missing particular foods where once I could start eating normally again I would binge eat those foods, and just live off of them.

    I'm still the same way with some things...recently I've been seeking a large amount of comfort foods that normally I would loathe eating (McDonalds and shit), but I have a clever way to fight off bad urges. Whenever I get my period, I have terrible cramps. I trick my body into thinking feeling like shit is related to eating shit, so then I ward off from eating such stuff for quite some time.

    Foods that I rarely have I'm also the same way with, but I binge. If someone offers me grilled shrimp or apple pie, I will eat very large quantities until I am full. It gets unhealthy, but I'm better with it.

    Other than those problems, I eat when I can, what I can, but only when I am hungry...I'll only munch on a small candy treat or snack if I'm not hungry.

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    i'm not sure what you mean by casual or if that's what i am...probably not...i do forget to eat sometimes and i don't think about food often but i often like to think of the most perfect yummy thing that i want at that moment..i like to put together delicious meals n stuff...sometimes....other times i just feel hungry and it feels like an inconvenience that i have to now think of something i want to eat.

    and...i like to snack...i would prefer and often do just kind of graze on things...some fruit in the morning...yougurt a bit later...maybe some eggs or cereal...then maybe some soup around lunch...maybe a bit later i'm hungry again and i'll have some cheese and crackers...and on and on like that...but not always.

    wow...i keep boring myself even with these posts...this can't be interesting can it? haha
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    I'm a picky eater. I don't really eat red meat, I'm lactose intolerant, and there are a lot of foods I dislike. I'm really bad about eating consistently. I forget to eat breakfast a lot, and this post actually made me realize that I skipped dinner tonight. I'm really indecisive at restaurants and my significant other has to order for me because I can never make a choice.

    When I get stressed out I eat fatty/junk foods for comfort.
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    As a very selective eater, if food isn't well prepared, I'd rather not eat it. One real meal a day is enough for me, where the rest of the time I graze on fruit, vegetables, nuts and other healthy snacks. Don't like junk or fast food.

    I also forget to eat quite often and notice it when my hands get shaky or my brain has slowed down.

    Food's not a reward or comforting. It's enjoyable when necessary.

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    I confess that when people say that they forget to eat, I can't even comprehend that. For me that would be like forgetting to breathe or forgetting to go to the bathroom. Doesn't hunger remind you that you need to eat? I'm certainly not one to throw stones, I'm a terrible eater. I just simply can't grasp the concept.

    I'm very overweight. I have a sedentary job and I overeat. I'm a pretty serious amateur cook and food is one of life's great pleasures for me. Unfortunately, because of the hours I work it becomes one of life's only pleasures, and I overindulge. I eat to feel good and I overdo it. I think that if I were ever introduced to drugs, I might become an addict.

    I would like to lose weight, but the pull of food is too great. In addition, as someone who loves to cook it feels like changing to a very healthy diet would be like painting with only two or three colors. I think that the best path for me might be to stuff myself with vegetables and other healthy foods so that I am too full to eat things that are bad for me. The problem is that when faced with a choice of food I don't love and not eating at all, I always choose not eating at all.
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