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Thread: You and Food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post

    I really like to eat meals that are healthy and balanced, but I have a weakness for sweets and Icees. :-D I can eat totally healthy for a while, but then I just want a treat and bake cookies or something. I'm not overweight per se, but am probably ten pounds over being in bikini shape. And I Do. Not. Care. I know I could probably have a really fantastic body if I never ate anything that tasted good, but it's not worth it. I'll never be happy eating a plain grilled chicken breast with some Mrs. Dash over romaine, with a spritz of oil and vinegar. Just shoot me already.

    I also do not get forgetting to eat. I definitely get low-blood-sugar-induced crankiness.
    This is me as well. I am lucky in that I have pretty high metabolism and I don't have to be tooo careful what I eat, although I am pretty health-conscious in general. I don't eat a lot of junk food EXCEPT sweets. I have a major sweet tooth. And coffee. I have a mocha at Starbucks probably about half of the days in any given week. That's a habit I'm trying to break for budget reasons as well, and I am trying to cut down on the sweets. I'm still in pretty good shape, but I could probably be in REALLY good shape if I was willing to diet. But I'm really not.

    I know I also use food as comfort. If I'm bored, I crave food, and if I'm sad, I want something sweet, preferably chocolate. I don't always give in, but more than I should.
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    Food has a lot of meaning to me. I don't really consider myself very culturaly Mexican, but when I was older and started feeling as if I had no roots and no home, I learned to cook the dishes I grew up with. That was enough to make me feel at home. I have not been very conscious of my nutritional cravings and desires, until I realized that my ex's menu plans were not working for me. Her idea of what was edible early one was odd: things from cans and boxes, frozen chicken nuggets, deep fried potatoes. A nice meal was as exciting as ham, potatoes and corn (Nebraska here). I eventually got things a bit more interesting, spicier, textured and threw in some nice vegetables (she would never touch them), but it was always in the name of a good meal, not health. And, even after, macaroni with velveeta cheese was a lot easier to eat than having to fight the entire family to get something 'strange' on the table.

    My diet is a bit on the odd side now that I'm single. I've got some sorely needed me space and am paying attention to what my body tells me, but I'm also on a very tight budget. And even though I like to cook, I'd rather spend my energy on other things than going gormet every night. My body has prompted me to make some very interesting changes. First of all, I've elimated almost all prepackaged goods.. double especially any goods making use of corn syrup. I always feel sluggish after ingesting that sort of stuff. Second, I've mostly lost interest in meat. Almost all my protein is from eggs, beans, tofu, or dairy. I'm not a vegetarian, though, and I grab a burger every once in a while. Mostly, I end up making various things with what I have in the fridge. A bed of rice or noodles is conductive to all improptu dishes. Also, the tortilla is amazingly versitile.

    Lately I've been getting into having food rituals. I really like my morning bowl of oatmeal. And my favorite time of the day is having tea in the evening when I'm winding down. I'm going to make scones tonight to go along with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    I don't really think about it that much. I really, really enjoy well prepared food and good food, like if the chef/whomever knows what they're doing. I love trying new things. It's as much as creative art as anything else, really. However, I don't eat a lot, I don't self-medicate with food [I self medicate with escapism], and I have healthy enough habits where I'm not overweight or anything like that.

    My dad and my sister are addicted to food in terms of comfort, which I can't understand.
    I'm the same as you, I like good food and trying new things but also eat in moderation and mostly healthy. I'm still about 20 pounds overweight though. I think its more due to bad genes and a slow metabolism.

    I can understand why people self-medicate through food but its not my preferred method of self-medication. Actually, I don't self-medicate at all. It creates a new problem by attempting to escape another problem. If you eat junk because you're stressed for example, then you're likely to gain weight and compromise your health.
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    i'm pretty monk about it. if i feel like eating, i ask myself if i'm actually hungry and if i'm not and am just bored, i make myself over come it. usually. i don't like to go hungry and i don't like to overeat. i try to avoid bad foods, especially sugary ones, because they're addictive and induce cravings. I go for food that will keep my body strong and healthy. I'm bit of a calorie watcher, on the food label and on the workouts i do. i'm somewhat strict on the exercise/food balance.

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    Food and I have a complicated relationship. I love food but sometimes I don't. Hmm I might have an eating disorder though, so I'm not really sure lol.

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