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Thread: You and Food

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    I looooooove food. It's one of the great things about being alive. I love trying new combinations of flavors, and going to a new restaurant I haven't tried. I'd always rather spend a little money on a great meal than eat cheaply and be disappointed.

    I really like to eat meals that are healthy and balanced, but I have a weakness for sweets and Icees. :-D I can eat totally healthy for a while, but then I just want a treat and bake cookies or something. I'm not overweight per se, but am probably ten pounds over being in bikini shape. And I Do. Not. Care. I know I could probably have a really fantastic body if I never ate anything that tasted good, but it's not worth it. I'll never be happy eating a plain grilled chicken breast with some Mrs. Dash over romaine, with a spritz of oil and vinegar. Just shoot me already.

    I also do not get forgetting to eat. I definitely get low-blood-sugar-induced crankiness. And plus, I like eating. I agree with EffEm that I'd rather go without for a little longer rather than eat something that doesn't sound good. And I'm definitely not the bologna sandwich type. I want something good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by violaine View Post
    Woah Niffer... really interesting what you wrote. Have to tell you though that my body has never been better by eating more and not calorie restriction. Calorie restriction makes you fat. That's a fear of food thing and I'm sure as you know your body goes into a mode where your metabolism is barely chugging along. What works better is keeping your blood sugar stable by eating small meals through the day - 5 or 6 but small like a yoghurt and some nuts and fish and rice for dinner. And yoga. Yoga will give you the body you want. Also, if you were chubby when you were younger it may be because you were getting ready to go through puberty - god, don't stunt your height, you will hate it later.

    (Weighing yourself isn't a good indication - the more muscle you have the better your metabolism will run and muscle weighs more than fat. BMI is only really good for working out who is obese/morbidly obese.) Anyway, I hope you get it all worked out and look after your body. I never listened when I was younger though but as I went through similar issues I wanted to share what worked for me.

    Hmm, but I appreciate what you wrote and hope it's ok to tell you what I think.

    Ok, going to keep reading thread. I find this fascinating everyone.
    Yeah, I'd like to add that 400 calories a day is enough to kill you eventually, or at least make you extremely ill, beyond fucking up your metabolism. Even going under 1000 calories for too long can fuck up your metabolism. Going under 800 for more than like, a week or so, is deadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Yeah, I'd like to add that 400 calories a day is enough to kill you eventually, or at least make you extremely ill, beyond fucking up your metabolism. Even going under 1000 calories for too long can fuck up your metabolism. Going under 800 for more than like, a week or so, is deadly.
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    Food affects me alright. Hahaha there I am adding innocent ketchup to my dinner and I'm feeling drowsy. I had to go on a hypoglycemic diet and now an anti-candida diet. I also removed dairy since cow's milk isn't designed for human consumption the way people think. Only wish we had four stomachs too, that would help. Me and food, can I go on about food. Now that I am eating healthy, not that I really want to. If I eat less healthy my body starts cracking again and that's not good, candida etal. The worst part is going off bread though. I really thought I wouldn't need to because I wasn't gluten intolerant like my mother. How wrong was I. There I thought I was doing myself a favour eating brown wholemeal bread and white rice even and what a strange turn of events. As it turns out brown rice for me and now I know the different flavors of poultry and vegetable soups. Eggs affect me, I become unwell after eating eggs if they taste wrong, and I can usually tell. There have been times when I got knocked out by eating eggs, fish, red meat, pasta and more. Goes right to my head and I get this vacant expression and it pisses me off. So I have to watch what I eat.

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    I absolutely love food. Food is my #1 priority most of the time.
    But i'm picky as hell about what I eat. Or rather, i'll eat anything for simple sustenance without complaining if it's offered and I don't cook myself.
    However, if I cook myself, I seldom do simple or mundane food. I treat most meals like it's my last, if i'm not hurried.
    When i'm in a hurry or working, I mostly eat tuna straight from the can, milk, bananas or the occasional cheeseburger with fries.

    I'd say that i'll eat like a prince at least once a day, though. The rest of the meals are often breakfast or coffee break-like in their nature.
    However, I don't like or drink coffee or other warm beverages. I dislike it strongly. Well, except for hot chocolate.
    I mainly drink milk. Thought about giving that up more than once, though.
    Actually did it once when I was in Norway. Their milk is disgusting, so I didn't buy it for three or four weeks, and I lost lots and lots of weight at once.

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    I have a very up down relationship with food... strange word to use, it's not a person, hah. Normally I will eat very little. I often forget to eat then I'll eat a huge amount once I realize how hungry I am, then I'm not hungry again for a long time. When I'm bored, though, I tend to resort to eating more than usual (it usually accompanies other filler activities like TV or movies).

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    I think for most of my life I was under some kind of fake food security risk. My brother and father ate 2 servings each and my mother would only make 4 servings of things, so I had to stuff my face quickly if I wanted anything at all. In my house, if it wasn't hidden or eaten immediately, it was gone -- for example, I bought some chocolate for myself, there had to be like 60 pieces or something, I was going to eat it very slowly and keep it for myself. I left it for a day and when I came back there were only 10 left. My brother had eaten almost all of them, without thinking what they were for -- he just assumed they were his. I wouldn't have noticed if he'd eaten maybe ten, or even twenty, but he had to eat almost all of them. He just couldn't stop himself. And this was every day, every meal.

    That said, as soon as I got to college, and I learned about the dorm cafeterias, I felt wonderful. Sure, the food gets boring after a while, but the thing is, they won't run out. Even though I am drinking more 2% milk, more soda, eating more buttery foods than I ever have, I've been losing weight because I haven't been forcing myself to eat because I'm scared. There's a lot of freedom in the cafeteria, but this probably makes me a communist or something.

    Also. I will unabashedly say that I love meat, especially red meat. Also, I love butter. Butter and olive oil are God's gift to man, and should be used respectfully.
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    I have a very bad relationship with food. They say that when I was an infant I used to eat anything and then one day I didn't like anything at all. I was a nightmare when it came to food and my parents were happy if I ate anything at all, even fastfood or candy. It was something. Nowadays I simply think that eating is a pure waste of time. That's one of the reasons why I hate going to restaurants. My current taste in food is unhealthy and spicy. Okay, I like fruit, but I hate vegetables, they taste and feel like plastic (however, I do like spinach, that has a taste). Maybe my parents haven't pushed me enough to eat new things (when I have kids I'll feed them they're vegetables strapped to their seats and with a chute down their throats). I mean, come on, plain haricot verts? They taste like nothing and they make this squeeky noise when you chew them, yuck! And err, most other vegetables taste too sweet for me, paprikas and carrots for example. I hate it when things are too sweet. So, I'm probably going to die young and my teeth will probably have fallen out by the time I'm thirty. And now that I think of it, I haven't had lunch and breakfast today. Oh well, one thing is sure, we're all going to die one day. Better spend it on something you like than on something you dislike. I'd rather die at 25 and eat whatever I want than die at 100 and eat healthy.
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    I've got an off-and-on thing with food. I will absolutely snack on comfort food now and then (dark chocolate M&M's, bagels with cream cheese, etc. when available, but I don't usually buy that sort of thing in the store myself), but try to eat pretty well otherwise. I'm usually pretty content eating the same things over and over again, but I do enjoy good restaurants a few times a year. I do really enjoy and would like to put more effort into eating quality and varied meals, but for a single guy it's just not worth the time, so I tend to do the "pick something, make a lot of it, and use it as fuel until it's gone" thing. I do tend to eat too much snacky food when I'm bored or jumpy, or stressed (work).

    I tell myself that I'll try most anything. But I'm actually really picky -- there are quite a lot of things that I simply won't touch (I have tried them once, though (except alcohol)). On the list are:

    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Raw fish
    • Processed Meat (hot dogs, spam, etc.)
    • Low-fat/fat-free creamy foods (ice cream, salad dresings, sauces, etc.)
    • Anything "Diet" (Aspartame makes me physically sick)
    • Any fast-food "meat" (fresh-made vegetable-rice stir-fry is good fast food )
    • Any non-uber-lean or gristly meat
    • And finally, ketchup (it absolutely disgusts me... just the thought... -- yeah, call it a psychological block or phobia, I don't care... not touching it)

    I've tried cutting things out of my diet and am usually pretty successful. The latest are soft drinks and sugary juices.

    The end result... I'd like to lose 5-10 lbs and get in better shape, but haven't had much success there yet.

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    Food is for quitters. Bitterness is all you need.
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