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Thread: You and Food

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    Quote Originally Posted by violaine View Post
    What's your relationship to food?
    I like it. I like to cook it and eat it. I cook and eat better (more healthful, tastier, more complex) when I'm sharing with someone else than by myself. I don't eat meat, but like pretty much everything else, particularly veggies, grains, beans, cheese, eggs, nuts, and chocolate.

    I like a lot of different seasonings too.
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    I'm not casual about it. I pay attention to everything I eat and since I want to maintain my weight I'm all about making sure there's a balance as far as what I'm eating - not too much of anything in a given week. Like, if I've eaten mostly carbs for a few days, then on the 3rd day I'll make sure I have more veggies, or meats, etc. Or if I eat pizza one night and fried chicken the next, then for a couple of days I'll eat super healthy and have beans and rice, or stuff like that.

    I guess this consciousness has been since the late 90's...when those new nutrition labels came out (that reflect %fat, protein, all of that..), and I became aware of the content of all of the foods I ate. I remember being shocked/disgusted at that time at some of the nutritional (or lack of) content in a lot of that stuff. So since then I've tended to want to 'Eat Healthy'. For a few years I went a little overboard and got it into my head that I should aim for a really low fat diet.. but it's not like I reduced calories, I basically just bumped up carbs.. and when I did that for a while I realized there really wasn't a whole lot of good food that were zero fat, and I was missing out on a lot of stuff, and I eventually realized that diet was in fact quite unhealthy in and of itself. So I then just made the executive decision to toss that notion and I ceased being stringent on the low fat thing. Since then I've just been all about what I stated in the beginning - everything in moderation, but not nixing any particular foods. And... it's been way better!!! hahaha.

    I don't really eat any junk food, though (i.e. frozen dinners, chips, candy (um.. except for chocolate), soda, etc), and honestly it doesn't even taste all that good - I don't crave it, and don't miss it. I think once you get your body into a 'routine' - like, for example, those few years where I avoided fatty foods - your body ceases to crave that stuff, and then when you do try it again later, you realize it's not something you even want anymore.

    Yeah.. I love food. Fresh ingredients, though, and as little processing/additives as possible (for example, I eat a lot of yogurt, but get the Plain yogurt and then add honey for sweetening as well as raisins and sometimes granola). I like cooking too.

    And... man, I definitely can't relate to the forgetting-to-eat thing. I need to eat every 4-6 hours, and if I don't, I just get really hungry and kind of irritable. I need my food!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by niffer View Post
    I'm pretty okay with food. I mean aside from how I used to (and sometimes still do) abuse it to release emotions/ED stuff etc. I used to binge and purge thousands upon thousands of calories of food 3 to 5 times a day every day for weeks at a time. I would say this is more related to my mental/body image/how I view myself as a part of society issue than a me vs. food relationship issue though. It's hard to say because on one hand my body and reactions to food are pretty much normal if I want them to be imo, but on the other hand food represents certain things in my life - though what these things are I am not exactly certain about. So I have/do sometimes use food as an indirect way to express myself. I remember there was a point in my life where I admitted to my counselor that purging felt better than crying. How often do you come across something in life that seems like it could function like a "rewind button" for your actions? It's like how people wash their hands after doing something they feel guilty about, as if to wash away their inner feelings of disgust by outwardly washing dirt away. It also represents a "taboo" - wasting food, overeating, making yourself puke, hurting yourself - these are all things people discourage you from doing. And when you do it, it sort of makes you feel like you're breaking free from these expectations and recommendations to you from others. It is also a way to divert your attention from other forms of pain that you are feeling, to be able to focus on the physical pain. It's like any other addiction that you know destroys you every time you engage in it - cutting, stealing, overgambling, alcohol abuse. You get a rush from doing it, but the feeling you get, the addiction - it's not part of who you are. It reflects a part of how you function and respond to your environment, but I would not consider it an innate part of one's personality.

    My food allergies/complications:
    MSG, and aspartame if in large enough amounts (for example a piece of gum won't but a bottle of diet coke will) give me severe headaches for the rest of the day and diarrhea as well. If I eat ground hamburger-style of processed beef, I will immediately become very nauseous and proceed to vomit AND/OR have hours of painful diarrhea if I choose to ingest it. I can eat steak and normal sliced beef no problem, but for some reason even hamburger patties from high-end restaurants have this effect on me. This also happens to me if I eat hotdog-type pork, but to a bit of a lesser degree. In general however I am not a fan of pork because I dislike the way it smells, and I especially hate bacon because it looks like scabs to me. I am not extremely lactose intolerant, and sometimes I accidentally or once in a while decide to eat dairy. But in general I tend to avoid it because it makes me FART LIKE CRAZY, and these farts smell really reallllly bad. It also makes me bloat and have gastrointestinal pain. If I drink dairy on an empty stomach I will feel absolutely awful. It won't make me vomit, but drinking dairy does make me a bit nauseated. Like if I would have the need to make myself vomit, I would just drink dairy. Also eating dairy makes my lips, mouth, and throat itchy, and my throat gets kinda phlegmy from it. So for a nice dairy substitute I use almond milk... doesn't always work out in some food combinations though, but whatever - I mostly just make cafe au lait with it lol. My mom being azn usually keeps soy milk in the fridge, but she only likes sweetened soy which I find too sweet, so I don't drink it very often.

    I will tend to dislike anything that is overly sweet, salty, oily, or flavourful. Small amounts once in a blue moon are nice, but I'll feel unwell if it's more than very rarely. To me the food that I am most comfortable/satisfied with, the kind I find most "clean" and "pure" to me is home-cooked HK-style Chinese food, or Korean food. In general if I stay and live with people I love who have a certain kind of home cooking, I will consider that food to be sacred to me almost. These are the foods of quality that I don't get to have very often anymore, which remind me of spending time with those I cherish. It is more than just food - it represents something. It holds a place in my heart. Also, eating can be more or less enjoyable depending on the circumstances. Eating dimsum always tastes the best if I eat it with my grandparents! Also, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new foods.

    At the moment, I am trying to not eat any dairy, or any meat except for fish. Except for non-starchy vegetables which I eat without limit, I aim to restrict myself to on average about 400 calories each day. But I would say I eat AT LEAST 10 servings of vegetables (mostly dark leafy green, or yams, carrots, squash, or onion-type things) every day to make up for this restriction and avoid hunger. I try to avoid grain-based foods. Lately I have become addicted to instant coffee, which I take with a dash of almond milk and cinnamon. I also drink quite a bit of green tea as my mom always keeps a couple types stocked in the pantry.

    Whether others consider this to be healthy or not is irrelevant to me. And yes I do want to lose weight. I have a BMI of 20 but I would like to lose 5 to 10 lbs.

    I am and always have been in the normal body weight range, although I was a bit chubbier as a kid than I am now. Yes, I was bullied by skinny asian kids when I was younger, and yes it does affect how I think now and I obviously haven't totally gotten over it.
    Woah Niffer... really interesting what you wrote. Have to tell you though that my body has never been better by eating more and not calorie restriction. Calorie restriction makes you fat. That's a fear of food thing and I'm sure as you know your body goes into a mode where your metabolism is barely chugging along. What works better is keeping your blood sugar stable by eating small meals through the day - 5 or 6 but small like a yoghurt and some nuts and fish and rice for dinner. And yoga. Yoga will give you the body you want. Also, if you were chubby when you were younger it may be because you were getting ready to go through puberty - god, don't stunt your height, you will hate it later.

    (Weighing yourself isn't a good indication - the more muscle you have the better your metabolism will run and muscle weighs more than fat. BMI is only really good for working out who is obese/morbidly obese.) Anyway, I hope you get it all worked out and look after your body. I never listened when I was younger though but as I went through similar issues I wanted to share what worked for me.

    Hmm, but I appreciate what you wrote and hope it's ok to tell you what I think.

    Ok, going to keep reading thread. I find this fascinating everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    Does anyone else get bored of food? That's why the selectiveness.
    Very. I wish I could get by without having to eat every damn day. I hate having to think about what to eat. Hate having to go out to buy it. I have lots of mild food intolerances which make me feel like crap when I eat almost anything so I really don't eat enough to be healthy. I haven't eaten today and now I have a headache, but as soon as I eat something I'll feel exhausted. Can't really win. The idea of having to think about 6 small meals a day is absolute tyranny and I won't do it, even though I know I'd probably feel better in the long term if I took this stuff more seriously. Fuck though, life's too short to plan my day around eating.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Very. I wish I could get by without having to eat every damn day. I hate having to think about what to eat. Hate having to go out to buy it. I have lots of mild food intolerances which make me feel like crap when I eat almost anything so I really don't eat enough to be healthy. I haven't eaten today and now I have a headache, but as soon as I eat something I'll feel exhausted. Can't really win. The idea of having to think about 6 small meals a day is absolute tyranny and I won't do it, even though I know I'd probably feel better in the long term if I took this stuff more seriously. Fuck though, life's too short to plan my day around eating.
    When I get like that, I just grab some fruit, carrot sticks or nuts, anything to stave off the hunger to the degree that I can think again. Otherwise, I get pretty useless without the energy injection.

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    Food ftw. I'm conscientious about what I eat, and how often I eat.

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    My answer to this thread is an entire thread unto itself... titled "Who's Hungry?" and it's in the Fluff section.

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    We have a very close relationship. I'm not at all picky although give me choices and I'll take days to figure out what I most feel like at that moment. I'm constantly eating, every hour or so if I can and definitely every 3-4 hours (usually longer after dinner). It's a constant struggle to make most of that food relatively healthy. I like vegetables and really almost anything when prepared right but I have a sweet tooth and looooove milk and cheese too. And bread. I've never actively tried to diet but I try to eat a lot of green things and not excessive amounts of meat or junk food/processed food. I do eat excessive amounts of dairy, but it's just so freaking delicious....what can you do.

    Food's probably my favourite thing in the world, actually. I'm so happy when I come home from grocery shopping with a bunch of food! Mmm food. It's a good thing I have a fairly fast metabolism because I eat ridiculous amounts of food (as in, usually more than my 6'2 bf). Not always because I'm hungry, unfortunately - that's a bad habit.
    -end of thread-

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    My relationship with food is okay, could be better. There are certain foods I know are not good for me but I eat them anyway because they taste so good. At least I can take a small portion of it and be okay. Like someone will bring treats into work. I have a hard time resisting sweets, so what I'll do is take the brownie, cookie, or whatever and have a just a few little bites and ignore the rest. I don't like wasting food but I hate eating unhealthy and gaining weight more.

    I admire the people that can just cut certain foods they know is unhealthy from their diets and be successful at it. I just can't do that. Tell me to eliminate something from my diet and I'm just going to want to eat it even more.

    Actually, I do eat mostly healthy but there are a few indulgences I enjoy that I could never see myself giving up.

    Convenience is important to me in choosing what to eat. I don't like to take a lot of time to cook so much of what I eat is the type of stuff the type of stuff that doesn't require cooking. Like fruit and yogurt.

    I don't have any food allergies but there are a few foods that don't agree with me well when I try to eat them. Basically fried things and rich desserts and ice cream. Which is why I only limit myself to a few bites when eating them, besides being unhealthy.

    There are times when I really enjoy a good meal and think alot about food and then there are other times where food is just a nuisance and a waste of time. However, I don't do well skipping meals because the hunger pangs kick in and I start to get cranky and don't think as well.
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    I wish I didn't have to eat. It's a nuisance a lot of the time. Sometimes I forget to eat because I don't want to interrupt what I'm doing and the hungry feeling goes away. Then I get cranky and shaky and remember I ought to eat.

    I don't really like to cook. I might like it if I hadn't had to cook so much on a tight budget with such a varied audience to try to please and then have to clean up the mess in addition to all the other household crap I have to do. Bleh.

    OTOH, I do like good food very much and for that reason (well, that and budget constraints, lol), I have become a pretty decent cook.

    For many years I was extremely thin, but my metabolism slowed down in my thirties and now I'm a normal weight, though not particularly fit. I kind of think of my body as a transport device for my brain so I prefer not to have to devote a lot of attention to it.

    As the the milk/breastfeeding thing, I don't see a particular correlation among my four breastfed children.
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