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Lexicon: You nailed the problem on the head. They placed me on some badass meds for the endometriosis and I have had issues with oily skin, pimples, and random hairs. I took care of the skin issues with facial products for the first time since I was seventeen XD

I would wax, but I have a tendency to be allergic to something they put in wax -_-

So I shall have to pluck.

They did run a few bloodtests and found that my estrogen levels were down, hence the hair. They told me that everything would balance out within the next few days since my body is adjusting.

That's awesome you got it figured out.. sometimes doctors fail to mention potential side effects of conditions or treatments like this.. I've had endometrial precancer in the past [resolved so far] & have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can mess with hormones & just be generally unpleasant, so I read up on this stuff.. probably a little too much, ha. :rolli:

But, yeah, at least your body will slowly resolve this itself in time, so you won't be having to worry about this forever.

Being female can be.. such a bitch.