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    Default Help me help my fiancée

    Hey there collective minds. I have some health concerns and I thought I'd ask what y'all think I should do about it.

    My fiancée is 31 and has type 2 diabetes. She can somewhat control it with diet but she doesn't exercise much. She has an "underlying liver disease" that she inherited and her kidneys have issues. A doctor 5 years and a couple months ago estimated she had 5 years left to live.

    Well, she's been okay until she recently got sick with a stomach flu and a 102 fever. Nothing serious. However, since then, she's been peeing really dark (she called it black) and I guess there's been some blood in it. She also has pain in her kidney area. Worst case and probably most likely scenario is her kidneys are shutting down.

    So, we need to get her to see a doctor. Problem is, she hasn't had health insurance since she was pregnant. My work doesn't provide it for fiancées (or even wives) and she got rejected by state insurance. It would be really difficult to afford paying for health insurance as we are barely making it as it is. She filled out this FHIAP form which is supposed to help us pay for health insurance and so we're waiting on the results of that.

    What should I do? Are there any programs to do? What should I look for in getting health insurance for her?
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    If she's bleeding from her kidneys (and it sounds like she is), that warrants a trip to the emergency room. The hospital cannot turn you away for lack of insurance. Get her to the hospital, and worry about paying for it afterward. Something can be worked out.

    Take her to the hospital. I mean, instead of posting a reply, take her to the hospital.

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    Don't let them give her pain meds and turn her out. Unless she is in terrible pain, refuse pain meds. Insist that they do tests and tell them she has kidney problems.
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