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    Yeah, anyone I know who's been successful has done the cold turkey thing. Telling yourself you don't smoke helps compared to telling yourself you can't have one. If you are really killing for one there's stuff you can get to ease the cravings enough that you can make it for the next few hours. You're not weak - this is a social, psychological and physical addiction. Also, in my experience bad habits cannot just be stopped. They have to be crowded out with better stuff. When you do that, you don't miss the old habits the same. Otherwise, they just come back again. You can do it Purple!

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    I don't know if i can, I found all the coins i could had them changed into dollars so i could get tobacco today. that's pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I don't know if i can, I found all the coins i could had them changed into dollars so i could get tobacco today. that's pathetic.
    Stop being so global about it and focus on your actions today. Spend the money on FOOD or a yoyo or something that you can do instead!

    You can take that action and choose to not buy smokes. You just have to focus on today. Don't borrow tomorrow's trouble, focus on today.
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    you know I put my response in the wrong thread *facepalm*

    anyway I think if you really wanted to quit you would have no trouble with cold turkey. But you're quitting because you have to, but really you don't want to. So there lies the difference.
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