I used to own a lot of home gym equipment , when I moved cross country I had to downsize. I rely mainly on 4 pieces of equipment plus weight plates. A PowerTec Utility Bench I bought at Dicks Sporting Goods marked half off at $125.00 , a used ParaBody Plate Loaded Lat Machine I bought off Craigslist for $50.00, a 45 Degree HyperExtension Bench I've had for many years, a Nordic Track E4400 treadmill I've also had for many years, and I've got about 200 lbs. of standard weight plates and 350 lbs. of rubber coated Olympic plates.

I keep a 70 lb. heavy bag hanging outside,also. Most of what I do centers around using my PowerTec Utility Bench and using dumbbells since I workout solo with no spotter. I use dumbbells for 75% of my workout, I think of my bare bones workout room as a Rocky style...old fashioned and nothing overly fancy.

A lot of great used equipment can be found on Craigslist for insane cheap prices, but this is my favorite piece since I use it so much>