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    That was quite disturbing Trinity... I'm speechless.

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    So we never really know if they're handing us four-year-old burgers at McDonalds? Lovely.

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    ^ No, they have strict guidelines on serving "fresh" food (it's frozen before it's cooked). If you've ever noticed McDonalds workers pulling hamburger patties out from a tray, that unit is a heater which keeps the food warm and has a timer on how long it's been since it was cooked (it's less than you'd think). Similarly most things served in fast food restaurant chains are done by tried and true periods of time for cooking and serving. Obviously it's not 5-star but it's to the company's best interest to regulate themselves lest they offend the appetite of their customers, or worse, food handling regulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Long lasting food is usually low in water or high in sugar, as bacteria don't like environments that are too dry or two sweet. That's why many deserts have such a long shelf life. The only reason I can think of why meat, like the kabab or the burger part, last well is chemical preservatives. A lot of meat you see for sale has been glazed. If you buy a chop or something from a supermarket and see that it glistens with rainbow hues in the light, almost like oil on water, than that's the glaze you can see. It's used for two reasons. First is to preserve the colour so it sells better, the second is to make it last longer. We used to do nitride testing on meat samples, to make sure the supplies kept within the legal limits of how much glazing they were allowed to use.
    Interesting, thanks for sharing. Never liked fast food anyway.

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