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    I'm now on day 35 of the Lean program after my partner in crime bailed and I quit for a month. I thought I was going to die the first two weeks, but I pushed myself to complete all of the daily regimes and hung in there. Week three got easier and I was able to do maximum reps on the most difficult(for me) work outs.

    I highly recommend following the meal plan, and as was already mentioned, getting adequate sleep. I had more cravings the first two weeks than I ever had during my pregnancy! I've seen a good payoff, even after my break: muscle definition beginning to show in all the right places, increased stamina, better sleep, more alert, etc...

    I didn't do any preparation at all, was completely out of shape to begin with, and probably would've failed the fitness test had I taken it. It's a flexible program, so do what you can. Feops gave good tips. I second pausing the DVD if need be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandar View Post
    If you have hunger problems then I recommend stuff that is filling but low fat. Of course keep everything proportional to what you need but try things like yogurt, brown rice, and meat (chicken is very good and filling, fish just makes me hungrier :/.) I also find that eating a lot of veggies fills me up quickly so see what you can do with that. If you want to gain weight then healthy carbs and protein are very important.

    Hmmmm... Now I want food and I am trying to lose weight. Oh lol. Yay yogurt.
    You need a fair bit of protein either way I would think, just to rebuild yourself quickly enough. The diet plan for p90x generally suggests reducing carbs substantially to start off.

    I struggle with veggies. They are filling, for what you get per cal, but do not impart much satisfaction in a meal.

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    I'm not so fond of veggies either, especially not boiled carrots -.- or anything boiled.. however i cover them up with sauce or other various garnishings.. But i have gained 1kg by drinking 100g weightgainer a day and eating bigger meals, so i'll just step it up and get a little cardio going so i'm ready for the program start

    Thanks for the advice, everybody!
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