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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    I think isolation exacerbates tendencies for depression and paranoia. Everyone like you mentioned has a tipping point where isolation turns from solace to hindrance.

    I test as a relatively strong E, and one way I pull myself out of it is to go where the people go. This is when I know no one and have no one to do anything with. This is kinda what you have to do when you first move to a new place where you don't know anyone or even when you are visiting a new city on business. I try to avoid super crowded places where I feel like cattle (i.e. the mall during holiday rush season!!!) and I avoid drinking. But, you can still be a super introvert and never talk to anyone and just being around a community of people really helps. People watching!

    As for interaction -- I remember in college there were always a ton of meetings and conferences and lectures and film viewings going on at any given time. Or if you were adventurous, you could wander around your dorm and visit with people.

    But, even if you go out without the intention of meeting people, it's good therapy just to get out. Period.

    And if you're going to do that, try a bookstore or a park. Someplace where there are people engaged in something but it's relatively low key. Close to a like minded community feel.

    Sometimes just sitting with other people and engaging in random small talk if it arises is really helpful. Small steps to draw you out and get your social interaction juices flowing.
    My favorite thing is be with one person I know really well in a crowd of people and let them talk and I just sit back and listen. I'm visting family in KY and I don't talk much I listen but every now and then they'll go to me "so what do you think?" or "how are you?" and even though I have little to say it means something.
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    In jail, if you do something wrong, they put you in "isolation", causing both depression and paranoia (or atleast tht is what it looks like...). being completley isolated, where you can not do anything to block reality is a very "strong hit" to someones sanity, if you will... for all they can think about is the bad things they did in thier life... or atleast thoughts such as those...

    however. depression and probabley paranoia (i don't know) causes isolation (or atleast to my own experience, it did.). when i was deeply depressed, being alone and isolating myself from friends and family was all that i thought about. i locked my door and isolated my problems inside my head, sharing nothing with no one.

    i believe that depression and paranoia causes isolation and isolation causes deprssion and paranoia.

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    I don't think that simple isolation would necessarily cause depression and paranoia. Only in certain circumstances.

    Most likely the latter, I say.
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