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    Default Training with injuries

    Good day! I'm looking for input into exercises with injuries, different kinds. How have you kept up your strength with an injury while you healed?

    Exercised with upper body injuries?

    Lower body?


    I have a crazy hot mess attached to my leg (otherwise known as an ankle) and I'm getting bored of swimming and biking while it heals. Any other recommendations? Any ideas for variations of squats or lunges to keep lower body strength as well?

    I've discovered the wonders of using upper body training and turning it into a circuit/cardio routine, but I can't rely on that everyday.

    Any ideas welcome! Cheers!
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    I spent 3 months in the pool in high school when I broke my foot... it kept me in good enough shape to run in Sectional without having run on the ground for 3 months
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