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    I definitely think there are differences in individual people's heat tolerances. I'd black out within 30 minutes. Maybe just do a different style of yoga. You don't get a prize for completing Sweaty Yoga. :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    Okay, this may seem like an odd request.

    I was at a yoga class where the temperature was 105 degrees (F) and 40-60% humidity. I tried to drink water before class as recommended, but I kept pissing it out about five minutes after I drank it. I spent most of the 90 minutes on the floor trying not to black out. It's nearly three hours later and I'm still a bit dizzy, I'm surprised I was able to drive home.

    If I were to try this again, how would I retain water? What can I do now, even? I still feel kind of dizzy.
    maybe it's something you have to get used to?

    anyway, try drinks like gatorade, they're special. you won't perspire or dehydrate as much.

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