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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    As long as this topic has been brought up, I'm going to be buying private health insurance soon. I'm trying to decide between a plan that covers only generic drugs vs. one that also covers name brand drugs (pricier.) My question is, does anyone know of any commonly prescribed expensive drugs that have no generic equivalent? I don't want to pay more for a plan I won't use.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can shed some light
    Sure--for example, Hepatitis C TreatmentóPEGASYS .

    Generic drugs are, I believe, only available for drugs whose patent protection (legal monopoly) has expired
    Generic drug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .

    "In the US, drug patents give twenty years of protection, but they are applied for before clinical trials begin, so the effective life of a drug patent tends to be between seven and twelve years."

    I assume they mean after the drug has hit the market.

    For example, Prozac hit the US market in 1987 or 1988, and the patent expired in 2001. So for 13 years, the only form of fluoxetine hydrocloride you could legally obtain in the US was Prozac.

    So essentially, if you opt for the generic-only insurance coverage, you will be covered for most drugs from the late 90s...

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    Quote Originally Posted by avolkiteshvara View Post
    Its the fillers.
    Quite possibly generics would use fillers that are cheaper or less kind to sensitive individuals. They could also use less active ingredient provided it was within tolerance. Having spoke to many of the users, I still think most of the complaints between the two are in their heads, but I could see exceptions coming up for people sensitive to dosage (ie. I have a prescription for 80ug of medication, I took brand x with an average of 82ug of medication, I swapped to generic y with an average of 79ug of medication, the 3-4% drop in active component is enough to throw me off so I stick with brand x).

    Generally though I would always recommend trying generics before brand.

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