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    Eat some junk food that you would eat just for leisure. That should get you warmed up to eating normally again.
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    I've been through something exactly like that. It really sucks. I had no appetite and took no pleasure in eating. I would dread meal times because I knew I would have to cram food down purely for the sake of staying alive. It only ever lasted for 2-3 weeks at a time and then went away. You may have to wait it out.

    Not to jump to conclusions (this may actually be a medical thing) but it might be a sign of depression or at least a period of rather low mood. When you're depressed you can lose you appetite and just want to sleep all day. You're going to have to get out of your safe zone here and take some action.

    If this is the case (and mostly reiterating what others have said) here's what may help:
    - exercise - it sounds like it shouldn't help but it does. It will boost your metabolism (and therefore your desire to eat), decrease your need to sleep constantly, and it has some sort of mental effect that lifts your mood. Go for an hour long walk 4 times a week, and, if you have an Ipod, take it along with you (music helps to motivate).
    - try to have more frequent and smaller meals - say 4-5 times a day. It might make it easier on you to get it down. And choose meals that are easy to eat and digest, like pasta. It makes it easier to face eating it.
    - avoid eating too much fast food/fatty food - I'm no saint when it comes to this but reaching for that easy, cheap and ready made stuff can have a major effect on your body. I'm not saying eat nothing but salad. Just take a bit more care.
    - take up a project or actively pursue an interest - this really helped me. I took up a language, planned a trip overseas in order to use it and then read lots of books about the country. You could take a night class for something that interests you or join some sort of club etc. You need to keep busy and productive.

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    Thanks for the insight Southern, as I type I am eating a double cheeseburger from McDonalds LOL I think it was a depressed mood I was in and all of a sudden today while I was driving in the sunshine, it lifted and I was happy :o)

    As for exercise, need to do that and going to because I believe it would help.

    Projects - I used to make jewelry, so I am going to start doing that again too. I've been thinkin' about it, but haven't pursued it as of today. Something to start tomorrow.

    You've all been a great help today. I really appreciate it

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