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    Default chiropractor and emotional experience.

    Ok so about a week ago I saw a local chiropractor for the first time. I've been practicing jiu-jitsu for quite some time now and got a recommendation from a sparing partner to see one.When I arrived at the chiropractors office he explained to me the details on what chiropractors do and how their techniques are useful in activating nerves inside the body including those found in the spinal cord.After examining me he explained there were areas of my body that were out of alignment He cracked different sections of my body which included my lower back my hips and legs and my neck. He asked me to come back in about a week for a check-up appointment. Now about five days later I started to experience intense emotions. I wasn't sure what it was, i noitced that all of my five senses had increased in richness. For about 3 days these intense emotions turned into panic. Now I'm beggining to settle in and I'm feeling more emotionally stable. Could have these intense emotions be the result of the cracking?
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    I'm not a doctor but it's possible, imo. There isn't much concrete data out there that maps out exactly how physical experiences give way to emotional feelings or vice versa, so I don't think real medical doctors heavily back such claims, but this phenomenon happens to us all the time.

    For instance, I am feeling sick right now and it's making me feel extremely emotional. I always get emotional when I feel sick.

    Consider the fight or flight response -- which is when you feel extreme fear and your heart starts racing, you start sweating, and your digestive system shuts down to redirect blood from there to your muscles in case you need to flee suddenly.

    When we feel pain, we cry. When we feel physical pleasure, we feel emotionally euphoric. When you feel nervous you get butterflies in your stomach and have to pee. Stress is a major contributing factor to heart disease and stomach ulcers. When we are depressed, we feel physically fatigued. When we are hungry or sleepy we feel cranky. When we feel heartbroken we lose our appetite. The list goes on with how our physical body experiences are connected with our emotional states.

    It's no surprise to me that you have felt that.

    You might also want to look into chakras. It may have something to do with your chakras and releasing pent up emotional energy within certain chakras of yours.

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    One logical hypothesis: Your back pain was distracting you from other emotional issues at hand?

    I've heard of this before though with massage. One lady told me when she was in massage school for the first time, and a really good one, started crying and balling for no reason.

    Emotion can manifest itself physically. Not sure why it can't work the other way around.

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    I also feel like my senses have increased. My sense of smell, touch, sight, I can feel more with my hands and my body it's pretty out there.

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    Interesting experience...

    I haven't heard of that with a chiropractor but it makes sense.

    Memories and emotions are stored throughout the body vs being centralized in the brain.

    Yoga practitioners often experience unexpected emotional releases in the course of doing the asanas.



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