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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post
    Thanks for sharing to answer my query.

    I wonder if it's (very slightly) correlated to shaving off pubic hair. One of my friends made a very convincing argument that pubic hair aids in proper aeration, so when I was bored I performed my own experiment and am of the opinion that pubic hair does, very slighty, increase vulva contentedness by allowing for a little bit more air circulation.

    (I know it's probably not related, but in what other thread would I share this information?)
    No I don't beleive shaving/waxing has much to do with it beyond leaving the area exposed to more cloths... which can carry germs. It's more about bio-chem, so soaps, clothing soap power, hygien..... etc.

    A lot of fungal infections are diaetary related. Basically your inner flora changes chemistry, so diet, poor hygien, hot weather, nylon pants, being run down, having a sexual partner that doesn't practice good sexual hygine - ie rubbing the wrong area then having sex - there are loads of causes but ultimately it's body chemistry.

    Other symptoms not mentioned, are very white thick discharge that is abnormal, itch/irritation. Often women who get cyctitus have had yeast infections that have transfered.

    Many women have fungal infections without kowing, also if you have them often/perminantly, it can be a very an early indicator of pre-diabetes condition of insulin resistance. Too much sugar in your diet can have this effect

    As for natrual remedies, yogurt, bifidus (?sp) also is good, there are bound to be nuts and dried fruit that promote possitive flora growth. If it is a particularly full on infection, or you get them often it may be better not to go natrual.

    I beleive that when guys get yeast infections it can be enormously painful to some.

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    If you are having a lot of yeast infections you may be able to figure out why. A certain type of the pill was an issue for me and certain types of oral sex. I also have to be careful with oral sex before my period. (more chance of an infection around this time) The only time I might have a problem now is if I'm on antibiotics, I think to ever take them again I will get a pill from the Dr. at the same time to fix the imbalance.

    I don't know about "natural" remedies other than just avoiding one naturally. I always use over the counter and I've never been overly concerned about it. I'm not much into medicine, but boy, I'm not waiting around for a yeast infection to get worse. You may be able to notice if you are off balance at some point and eat less sugar and more yogurt and avoid an infection altogether.

    A man with a yeast infection can use the same meds we do to get rid of it. So whatever "natural" remedies you come up to for a female should work for a male.

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    hey there protean! I haven't found acidophilus to be effective, either vaginally or orally. I agree with fidelia about garlic.

    This is what I use/recommend. Tea tree oil. Tea Tree kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protozoan. I place a few drops of tea tree oil on a tampon (on the tip and around the sides) and insert for a few hours only. Do this once per day for 3 days, if you have a bad infection. One treatment usually works for a mild infection. I will kind of rub it around the vulvar area before inserting to treat the outer area too.

    BUT! If you have been suffering and are raw, I would definitely cut the tea tree with a mild oil, like olive or vegetable oil, because it WILL burn. It tingles on healthier skin (if you catch the yeast infection early enough), but burns bad (and I don't recomment it straight) on raw skin. Essential oil shouldn't ever be used on skin directly as a general rule, but for treatment of yeast, I break the rules.

    Sometimes women will be more prone before their period, around the holidays (due to increased sugar in your diet), and with new sex partners--the new flora and fauna introduced can create problems for many women.

    This treatment also works for bacterial vaginosis (bv). that's when you notice a 'fishy' odor, and is fairly common. I haven't used otc yeast medication or taken anything for bv in like a decade.
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