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    Default Excess skin after weight loss inevitable?

    It's been about 2 months since I told myself I was done with my weight loss journey. I went from 340 lbs to 173 over the course of 4-5 years, which 125 of it was during 3 years. However, I have severe excess abdominal skin. I did most of the weight loss by doing a lot of walking, jogging and caloric control. The excess skin is just getting to me, though. I'm at my target weight, yet I'm not satisfied with my body.

    I've talked with my doctor, and he said that there wasn't much I could do about it while I was losing weight and the only option right now is surgery. That just...makes me want to sit and cry. I look on some websites that say that it may be possible to fix it without surgery, but I'm getting torn on believing websites vs. having faith in my doctor. This can't just be it.

    I'm 23, 173 lbs, no weight needed to be lost, and my abdominal area isn't as flat as people my age with just as healthy a body. I look like I weigh 20-40 lbs more than I actually am. Am I setting my expectations unrealistically or did I go horribly wrong in my weight loss?

    It's just depressing that even though it wasn't my *personal* goal to lose this weight, I feel like I've worked so hard for such little results. Fine, I'm able to move around easier and my internal organs are healthy, but I'm NOT satisfied with my looks. Call me vain if you want.

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    It's okay to be vain. I am pretty sure everyone is anyways.

    Losing that much weight, from what I have heard, tends to leave behind excess skin. I have heard about men who have worked and worked and couldn't lose the skin until surgery.

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    Hey just be glad you are so young, your skin will tighten up somewhat if you treat it right.

    I don't know if this was suggested, but perhaps try to add some muscle mass to fill in where the fat was. And having a large upper body will lift some of the skin hanging around your abdomen.

    But last I checked, surgery is the only sure way. Just don't gain too much back.

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