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    Default Link Between Diabetes and BPA in food

    PLoS ONE: Pancreatic Insulin Content Regulation by the Estrogen Receptor ER?

    ...In addition to the role that estrogen receptors may play in the physiology of pancreatic ?-cells, we should bear in mind that any disruption of ?-cell physiology is associated with the development of type II diabetes mellitus. Indeed, recent epidemiological reports link the existence of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in blood, such as persistant organic pollutants (POPs) [8] and phthalates [9], with type II diabetes and insulin resistance. In particular, the estrogenic pollutant Bisphenol-A (BPA) was described as altering pancreatic ?-cell function and blood glucose homeostasis in mice [10].... much more at link

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    Hm, interesting. There's a somewhat high incidence of diabetes in my family, so I'm always curious about causative factors as I'd like to minimize my own risk.

    I do wonder though how much of a factor BPA is for adults, since according to NIEHS (Since You Asked - Bisphenol A) infants and children are apparently at risk, but they don't mention anything about it's effect on adult physiology. If I've already absorbed all kinds of BPA during my early development, I'm not sure that I should start worrying now.

    (research time for me I guess)
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