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    I would like to think I would make it to at least my late 60s. Though I constantly have fantasies of saving a lot of people through self-sacrifice, if that doesn't sound too weird.

    I would like to be remembered as someone who helped bring others to their full potential. A person who was so contagiously good-hearted that it sparked a change in at least one person. Implying I have kids, I want them to remember their mom as a woman of strong beliefs and stronger will power. I want the spouse I created those kids with to see me as a revolutionary, someone who was able to make them feel complete and whole.

    In life, in general, I don't want to just make a change. I want to make an improvement. Not really sure how yet, but it'll probably involve talking to a lot of people and being super fucking friendly. Maybe, I'll do some volunteer work, too? I'm not there yet but rest assured that I'm going to do it, some way somehow.
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    I wish to help advance society and expand some sort of understandings. Whether through my stories or talking about it. To share my ideas and what I've noticed in the world and bring awareness to what needs to change. Revolutionary. I desire to make a mark in the world, and not let my deficiencies hold me back. To be remembered as a figure. Not sure how else to explain... there are just things in this world I feel strongly a desire to bring awareness. To share all I know and learn. Stories I work on tend to have a sort of meaning or purpose behind them I hope people will come to understand. Like humanity and their nature, man vs monster. Hope. Chaos and Order. Ect.

    I don't want to die living a life of merely self satisfaction without any real effect to the big picture...

    But I am not the most patient creature. Nor am I the most optimistic. What we struggle with any time we have big dreams. Especially if they seem unrealistically overblown as mine have always been.
    "A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death." - Lelouch Vi Britannia

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    I might prefer to be forgotten.

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