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    Quote Originally Posted by sanveane View Post
    Hmm, I like when women are fit and their veins are showing. Barring drug use, it's a mark of fitness to me. I have some veins that pop a little when I am running and I love seeing them. It can also show up in hot weather. It's definitely that these women don't have much body fat and that they work out a lot. They could also be predisposed to this.

    Scientific American has a detailed explanation as to why it occurs.

    (Also, SJP is not THAT old. Not that I particularly like her. No one seems to say that or even think it about Anderson Cooper or the men around her age. Pfft!)
    I know veins pop out during exercise, but these women aren't at the gym. They're just struttin' about doin' the Hollywood thing. (I wouldn't be shocked if I saw them this way while doing something physical.)
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    Ahh, I meandered a bit in that post... I just meant lack of subcutaneous fat and working out a lot leaves some women looking like that. Lack of subcutaneous fat is the reason veins show in elderly folks too so I have read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    sheesh humans! for realz

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    It's a combination of low body fat and vasodilation caused by their fitness routines.

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    I had to wiki vasodilation. Thanks for that wolfy.

    Is it safe to assume women were not experiencing this significantly prior to 10, maybe 20 years ago?
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Is it safe to assume women were not experiencing this significantly prior to 10, maybe 20 years ago?
    You'd think so. Though I really don't know for sure. The further you go back the more a softer look was popular, even at a low bf. Also, resistance training has only become popular relatively recently.

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    I do believe, though, that drug abuse plays a part in that kind of horrible vascularity. I have around 7-8 percent bodyfat, and I can see veins in the arms and legs, but they don't look that sick. It seems like their skin is not "moisturized" enough, they're probably using some diuretic too (not angelina jolie, she's fine)

    I don't personally like that look. I am fine with a girl being muscular, I can appreciate that, but she has to have some fat otherwise it looks sick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    Do you guys (men or women) find this look attractive? Right now I'm just shooting to be trimmer and healthier... not pumped. But I have noticed this time around at the gym (as opposed to five years ago when I used to go regularly as well) that I see more women looking ripped. Even my step-mother who is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and gym manager notices more women trying to get "cut." What gives?
    Being healthy and fit is sexy. And looks aside, there's a definite quality of life improvement when you work out hard. Maybe more women are buying into this as it becomes more acceptable.

    I think the women in the pictures take it too far though. The female form is designed to have some curve and softness to it, so without that aspect it looks... unhealthy. Age may be a factor too. I find it hard to pick out their ages.

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    Angelinia Jolie looks as though she is just hot. And her veins don't have that ropey look.
    I have a question though, could this be the result of high protien diets as well?
    I flatted with female trapeze artists for a while, and man, they have a high maintanence exersize routines and diet. If anyone should be ripped, it was them. They were muscley, and could bench press two times thier wieght, but they never looked like that, not even after a workout, or a performance. They didn't have an once of unnecessary body fat, to the point where one of them complained she had lost her boobs. They were very toned. One of then had the best legs and butt I've ever seen on woman (she also had purple/pink hair!)but not ropy and cut like that.
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    The bulging veins in the hands I would attribute to issues in blood pressure pushing the blood back to the heart-the blood is pooling a bit in the lower extremities which cause the veins to bulge some.

    My veins are very prominant and my skin verges on translucent in places. If I lower my hand, the veins will begin to bulge as the blood pools a bit.

    If these women are also very tall and thin-very lanky-it could be a result of natural variety in collegen structure.

    I have an inherited disorder called Ehlers-danlos syndrome. Each family has thier own varient but the symptoms are long, thin lanky frames, thin, translucent skin, large eyes and small noses relative to the size of the face. A high level of flexibility can also be seen. hypotension-low blood pressure and pooling of the blood in extremities in also seen-ie the bulging vein as the veins are also hyperflexible due to defective collegen structure.

    My family has a very mild varient with some tendonitus like issues. In the general population the genes that contribute seem to be polymorphic and very common, so few people know they have it unless they seek out a rheumy for some other issue. It's just another version of being human.

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